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Tourism in New Zealand

An Introduction

Tourism in New Zealand is the first comprehensive book to deal strictly with the tourism industry in New Zealand.

Tourism in New Zealand is the first comprehensive book to deal strictly with the tourism industry in New Zealand.

Program Evaluation & Performance Measurement

An Introduction to Practice

Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement integrates performance measurement into evaluation practice and shows how the skills that are essential for building program evaluation expertise are also important foundations for performance measurement. The importance of sound professional judgment is highlighted throughout the book and the final chapter offers ways that evaluation professionals can develop their professional judgment. The text discusses the realities of organizational politics and incentives for managers and evaluators. It balances the importance of good evaluation methods with the resource and organizational constraints that almost always affect the choices that evaluators make as they do their work. The book does not assume a thorough understanding of research methods and design, instead guiding the reader through a systematic introduction to these topics. Nor does the book assume a knowledge of statistics, although there are some sections that do outline the role that statistics play in evaluations.

Triangulation is an idea that had its origins in the literature on measurement. As a
measurement strategy, triangulation is intended to strengthen confidence in the
validity of measures used in social research. Once a proposition has been ...

Greek Theatre Performance

An Introduction

Specially written for students and enthusiasts, David Wiles introduces ancient Greek theatre and cultural life.

In this book, David Wiles introduces ancient Greek theater to students and enthusiasts interested in knowing how the plays were performed.

Computer Networking and Scholarly Communication in the Twenty-First-Century University

An Introduction to Isaac Breuer's Philosophy of Judaism

This book explores the various ways in which computer networking, and more specifically the Internet, is changing the practices, the structure, and the products of academic scholarship. It considers research, teaching, and dissemination of knowledge across a range of disciplines in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences in order to identify particular uses of networking that will come to constitute the academic world of the future. The contributors consider such themes as how networking and particular software environments can be used to support inquiry within research specialties and how scholars in diverse disciplines respond to the availability of new networked channels of scholarly communication. In the context of education, they argue that networking can reconfigure the process of learning, encompassing new audiences, new relationships with teachers, and new learning skills adapted for the network environment. The products of such new configurations are also discussed. The future of electronic journal publication is considered by innovators who have designed some of the first experiments in refereed electronic journal publication. Finally, the new responsibilities and roles of the academic library and academic publishers in a networked environment are debated.

Point of knowledge will be replaced by a knowledge union. Scholarly resources
will be document databases, available electronically, anywhere, anytime. 188

Cost and Management Accounting

An Introduction

The aim of this established and best-selling textbook is to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of cost and management accounting. The book is intended primarily for accounting students who are pursuing a one or two semester basic introductory cost and management accounting course. It covers the basic topics needed on an introductory course in management accounting. This book is a companion volume to Management and Cost Accounting, which includes more advanced topics not suitable for introductory courses. Overall, the book is a rigorous, clear and easy-to understand introduction to cost and management accounting, with a tried and tested successful format that has enabled literally thousands of students to pass their exams.The book has an accompanying Student's Manual, which is an optional purchase for students. It contains answers to Review Problems in the white-tinted text boxes. The book stands entirely on its own without the Student's Manual.There is also a hard-copy Instructor's manual available.There is a Companion Website where tutors can download the Student's manual and Instructor's Manual as well as other resources.

This chapter is concerned with the accounting entries necessary to record
transactions within a job costing system. In Chapter 2 it was pointed out that job
costing relates to a costing system that is required in organizations where each
unit or ...

Cost and Management Accounting

An Introduction for Students

This book deals comprehensively with the elements of cost accounting, their application to costing methods, and their significance for management through budgetary control, short term decision-making, and capital budgeting. It is an extensive revision of the author s well-known costing text, and provides the student with a complete introduction to cost accounting. Relevant exercises are included at the end of each chapter, with solutions at the end of the book. These include many from recent examinations of the major professional accountancy bodies. Teachers are thus able to use their own favourite examples in lecture or class, and to refer students to other exercises for further practice. Students who are unable to attend a regular course will be able to check their work against the solutions. A series of multiple choice questions throughout the book provides a further opportunity for the student to check personal progress. Other features of the book include: a complete introduction to cost accounting; new material on capital budgeting and cost accounting for service activities; an explanation of budgetary control including behavioural aspects; and graded questions and MCQs throughout (definitions follow CIMA terminology).

INTRODUCTION Accounting in the construction industry must of necessity adapt
the principles of accounting to the particular conditions experienced in that
industry. Civil engineering contracts are often completed over a period of years,
which ...

Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development for Symbian OS

An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming

A guide to programming Symbian OS smartphones using OPL (The Open Programming Language): a simple to learn, open-source scripting language, ideal for fast-track development of enterprise applications. This book provides a hands-on development environment for both the experienced and aspiring programmer, demonstrating the ease of use of Symbian OS technologies through the utilization of OPL. OPL has a shallow learning curve which allows bespoke corporate tools to be developed in house by technical staff who aren’t necessarily trained programmers. Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS provides a clear guide on both how to program, and understanding the structure of the language through a keyword dictionary. Any bespoke OPL application can grow with a company, eventually providing access to more advanced C++ code through OPX extensions. From the home programmer who wants to do more with their phone, to the enterprise developer, Rapid Mobile Enterprise Development For Symbian OS is the ideal starting point for simple, innovative application design using OPL. Source code is available from

An Introduction to OPL Application Design and Programming Ewan Spence. After
its release, EpocSync proved itself in two areas that Malcolm had never
considered, but was then able to improve upon in subsequent releases. The first
was ...