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Getar gender: buku 1. Perempuan Indonesia dalam perspektif sosial, politik, ekonomi, hukum, dan HAM

On Indonesian women from social, political, economic, legal, human rights, religious, cultural, and familial perspectives; collected articles of an Indonesian feminist theologian.

Dalam mewujudkan daya pikir ini, diikuti oleh permenungan-permenungan yang
hasilnya kita kenal sebagai filosofi atau filsafat kehidupan. Dari filsafat ini,
lahirlah berbagai cara pandang termasuk cara memandang kehidupan.
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Pendidikan Pancasila di perguruan tinggi

berdasarkan Keputusan Dirjen Dikti No. 25/DIKTI/Kep/2002

Education of Pancasila, the state philosophy of Indonesia in Indonesian universities.

Education of Pancasila, the state philosophy of Indonesia in Indonesian universities.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Informative Writing

Explains how to write a report or essay that is meant to give information, rather than persuade, with text boxes highlighting suggestions for vocabulary, grammar, and organization, and check-lists to help readers examine what they have written.

Writing Your First Draft The first step to beginning any. down the left side of a
blank piece of paper. Then, along the top of the page, note the places where you'
re finding the answers. These are called sources. Next, fill in the information as
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Computer & Internet Basics Step-by-Step

Understand, protect, & maintain your computer(s). Tips on purchasing computer hardware and software. Use the Internet safely. Receive, send, & forward safe respectful e-mail. Insert and/or attach pictures and files

167 Computer & Internet Basics Step-By-Step by End The Clutter ETCTM —
Internet Related Software Connections Dial-up.

A Step-by-step Guide to Persuasive Writing

Describes techniques that authors can use to introduce and defend their opinions and argue specific points.

Making Origami Puzzles Step by Step

An introduction to basics of Japanese paper folding includes step-by-step directions for making interesting paper puzzles including a fortune cookie puzzle box and a finger pinwheel puzzle.