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Image mentale et behaviorisme social

une analyse comparée de la littérature sur l'image mentale et provenant de trois sources complémentaires : behaviorisme social, behaviorisme traditionnel et théorie cognitiviste

Minyak bumi dan bantuan luar negeri dalam perekonomian Indonesia

Role of petroleum and foreign aid in Indonesian economy.

Apa yang terjadi pun bukan lagi saling ketergantungan melainkan
ketergantungan18) terus menerus yang tiada akhir. Subsidi tidak lagi dilakukan
oleh pemerintah melainkan mereka yang berada pada strata paling bawah
dipaksa untuk memberi subsidi pada strata- strata di atasnya. Akhir ceritapun
diselesaikan dengan perang saudara yang mengerikan karena kegagalan kita
memberantas kemiskinan dan keterbelakangan. Praktek-praktek investor asing
di Indonesia membawa ...

A Longitudinal Study of the Development of Reading Comprehension Skills, Metacognitive Reading Skills, and Reading Attitude

Childhood to Adulthood

In forward selection, the first variable entered into the equation has the largest
positive or negative correlation with the dependent variable. Pair\vise deletion
was used, and the Ns differed slightly for each analysis. The alpha level was
equal to .05. The correlations among the variables used in the regression
equations are shown in Table 4.2. Predicting Adult Standardized Reading Ability
. The following variables were entered into the regression equation for the
analysis on the adult ...

A Metacognitive Approach to Social Skills Training

MASST : a Program for Grades 4 Through 12

This step-by-step plan contains 150 teacher-tested activities in social skills for all students in grades 4-12. The emphasis is on helping students to develop self-control, evaluation techniques, the ability to make better choices, & foresightedness. Their problem-solving skills, observation skills, & communication skills are addressed. Students learn how to act responsibly, set goals, change their own behavior, become more sensitive to the needs of others & more willing to change. Out-of-school practice activities, easy-to-follow lesson plans, & clear, concise directions on how to use them are included. Ready-to-copy activities & worksheets, plus a guide that tells you how to adapt for 4- to 18-week sessions are also provided.

This step-by-step plan contains 150 teacher-tested activities in social skills for all students in grades 4-12.