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Active Learning for Threes

Provides ideas and guidelines for activities for three-year-olds, with lists to aid caregivers in choosing the right activities for each child and a system for planning an activity program

101. 102. Threes can □ throw a ball □ follow easy directions. Basketball. Time.
Put a big basket or box in the middle of your room. Give your Threes a few small,
soft balls to toss into the box. Have fun throwing the balls in different ways or from
different directions. Try some of these ideas to add something special to your "
basketball" game: raise the box on a table or chair throw the ball between your
knees as you bend over dress up like basketball players in sneakers, shorts, and

Active Learning for Twos

Provides games and activities designed to foster the physical, social, and intellectual growth of two-year-old infants

101. 102. 103 Twos can □ kick or throw a ball Kick 116 Activities for Physical
Development Large Muscles. t. €L. Exercise. Together. On a day when the
weather is too bad to go out, have an exercise class with your Twos. Push the
tables and chairs against a wall, and put away all the toys so you have a large,
safe, open area. Don't worry if your Twos don't exercise exactly the way you do or
if a few wander off. Try some of these exercises. Twos can stretch up high and
down low □ do ...

Active Learning in Social Studies

Promoting Cognitive and Social Growth

... as level of cognitive behavior, 306-307 Computer skills, 189, 193, 380-382
Computers, 259-260, 261 Concept learning, 326-345 by discovery, 338-345
levels of, 328-330 measuring, 329-330 Concepts, 94-95 abstract, 334, 335-336
defined, ... 231-232 Descriptive data, 290, 291 Developmental education, see
Open education movement Developmental theories (learning), 38- 49 Diaries,
evaluation and, 462-463 Disciplines, social science, 101-102, 105-131 structure
of, 101-102, ...