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Makers of Contemporary Islam

Drawing on their decades of research across the breadth of the Muslim world, Esposito and Voll introduce the pivotal role played by activist intellectuals, and then present the lives and work of nine individuals chosen to provide a balanced picture of the enormous variety--both geopolitical and ideological--in the contemporary Muslim world. [This book] is an ideal companion piece to Esposito and Voll's Islam and Democracy and Esposito's Voices of Resurgent Islam.

Through his writings, modernist reform of al-Azhar's curriculum, and (fatwas) as
mufti of Egypt, he fostered Islamic modernist reforms that impacted education, law
, and social issues such as the status of women. For Jameelah, for whom
traditional Islam was totally self-sufficient and adequate, Abduh became a tool of
European imperialism who opened the floodgates of assimilation of Western
thought and culture: "The consequences of Shaikh Muhammad Abduh's
willingness to ...

Who Speaks For Islam?

What a Billion Muslims Really Think

Draws on in-depth research to offer insights into what Muslims actually believe about key global issues such as democracy, radicalism, and women's rights, in an account that seeks to differentiate extremists from everyday Muslims.

Can a woman be president of a modern nationstate? How should banks and
financial houses handle interest and loans? What dispensations are allowed for
Muslims living as minorities? Are preemptive military strikes ever justified? With
no clear text in the Quran and no central religious authority, the expert legal
opinions (fatawa) that muftis give can differ substantially depending on how
conservative or reformminded and how politicized or apolitical they are as
individuals. In the end ...

Ancaman Islam: mitos atau realitas?

Mereka memberikan alasan yang Islami bagi penerimaan gagasan-gagasan dan
lembaga-lembaga modern, baik ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi maupun politik (
pemerintah representatif dan konstitusionalisme). Bagi kebanyakan pembaru itu,
kebangkitan kembali umat Islam merupakan langkah pertama ke arah
kemerdekaan nasional atau keterlepasan dari kolonialisme - kembalinya
kekuasaan umat Islam. Mereka yakin kaum Muslim harus berpaling kepada
Islam sebagai sumber ...

Siapakah muslim moderat ?

mengapa Islam moderat diperdebatkan? demi Islam atau barat? apa implikasinya bagi perang melawan muslim radikal?