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Sufis, sultans, and feudal orders

Professor Nurul Hasan commemoration volume

This Book Is A Glowing Tribute To The Memory Of Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan By His Colleagues, Students, Relatives And Friends And Also From A Grateful History Department Of Aligarh Muslim University Which Under His Stewardship Had Been Elevated To The Status Of A National Centre Of Advanced Study In Medieval History. His Area Of Study Was A Wide As His Field Of Action. A Fact Which Is Refleted In The Topics And Subjects Chosen For This Volume. The Essays Are Divided Into Five Sections Namely, Sufis; Sultans; Feudal Order; Miscellaneous; And Reminiscences. The Volume Will Be Of Much Use To Medieval, Modern, Maritime And Central Asian Historians And Scholar.

the Early Eighteenth Century Fatima Zehra Bilgrami The importance of Hidayat'ul
-Qawa'id by Hidayat'-ullah Bihari was noticed for the first time by Sir J.N. Sarkar
who considered it to be a valuable source of information about the Mughal ...

Laskar Jihad

An in-depth study of the militant Islamic Laskar Jihad movement and its links to international Muslim networks and ideological debates. This analysis is grounded in extensive research and interviews with Salafi leaders and activists who supported jihad throughout the Moluccas.

Interview with Muhammad Zaini, LIPIA staff member in the student administration
office, Jakarta, March 2003. This information is based on the profile of the institute
. ” Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Islam dan Arab, Bayan bi al-Kutub wa al-
Mudhakkarat alMuqarrarat li Qism al-Shari`a (Jakarta: LIPIA, 2003). ” Lembaga
Ilmu Pengetahuan Islam dan Arab, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Islam dan Arab
di Indonesia Pada Tahun Kelima Belas Hijriah (Jakarta: LIPIA, 1995), pp. 3-5. 7
Interview ...

Otonomi nagari

kebijakan efektif untuk memacu percepatan pertumbuhan ekonomi masyarakat Sumatera Barat

Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian Jakarta Fagi, A. M. dan Z.Zaini,
1996. Sistem usahatani berbasis dengan wawasan agribisnis. Prosiding seminar
nasional Prospek tanam benih langsung padi sawah di Indonesia. Makalah pada
seminar himpunan ilmu gulma Indonesia. Hal 8-20 Faisal Kasryno. 1997.
Meningkatkan pemanfaatan sumberdaya pertanian dan pengembangan sistem
usaha pertanian menuju era globalisasi ekonomi. Makalah dalam Prosiding
Agribisnis ...