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A Review and Annotated Bibliography of Family Business Studies

Interest in the study of family business has increased significantly over the last decade. The research on this subject - and the related subject of entrepreneurship - has developed in parallel within a number of different disciplines, making it the perfect candidate for an annotated bibliography. This book aims to catalog the major empirical, theoretical, and practical articles on family business. Included for each article listed are a summary of key findings, and a list of the methodologies and key conceptual models used. It also features a review of the literature, a discussion of how family businesses have been defined, and agenda for future research into both family business and entrepreneurship studies.

This book aims to catalog the major empirical, theoretical, and practical articles on family business. Included for each article listed are a summary of key findings, and a list of the methodologies and key conceptual models used.

ICM-90 Satellite Conference Proceedings

Harmonic Analysis Proceedings of a Conference held in Sendai, Japan August 14–18, 1990

Proceedings of a Conference held in Sendai, Japan, August 14-18, 1990

Proceedings of a Conference held in Sendai, Japan, August 14-18, 1990

Classification and Modeling with Linguistic Information Granules

Advanced Approaches to Linguistic Data Mining

Whereas computer systems can easily handle even complicated and nonlinear mathematical models, human information processing is mainly based on linguistic knowledge. So the main advantage of using linguistic terms even with vague ranges is the intuitive interpretability of linguistic rules. Ishibuchi and his coauthors explain how classification and modeling can be handled in a human-understandable manner. They design a framework that can extract linguistic knowledge from numerical data by first identifying linguistic terms, then combining these terms into linguistic rules, and finally constructing a rule set from these linguistic rules. They combine their approach with state-of-the-art soft computing techniques such as multi-objective genetic algorithms, genetics-based machine learning, and fuzzified neural networks. Finally they demonstrate the usability of the combined techniques with various simulation results. In this largely self-contained volume, students specializing in soft computing will appreciate the detailed presentation, carefully discussed algorithms, and the many simulation experiments, while researchers will find a wealth of new design schemes, thorough analysis, and inspiring new research.

This is because human information processing is based mainly on linguistic knowledge while com puter systems are designed to handle symbolic and numerical information. A large part of our daily communication is based on words.

Linguistic Modeling of Information and Markup Languages

Contributions to Language Technology

This book covers recent developments in the field, from multi-layered mark-up and standards to theoretical formalisms to applications. It presents results from international research in text technology, computational linguistics, hypertext modeling and more.

This book covers recent developments in the field, from multi-layered mark-up and standards to theoretical formalisms to applications.

Solid State Ionics for Batteries

In this book, recent progress in batteries is firstly reviewed by researchers in three leading Japanese battery companies, SONY, Matsushita and Sanyo, and then the future problems in battery development are stated. Then, recent development of solid state ionics for batteries, including lithium ion battery, metal-hydride battery, and fuel cells, are reviewed. A battery comprises essentially three components: positive electrode, negative electrode, and electrolyte. Each component is discussed for the construction of all-solid-state Batteries. Theoretical understanding of properties of battery materials by using molecular orbital calculations is also introduced.

The field “electronics” which is usually based on the devices using electronic
conduction has extensively developed since the “transistor” was invented. In
other words, the big innovation was carried out by the appearance of the all-solid
-state ...

Modern Solid State Fermentation

Theory and Practice

“Modern Solid State Fermentation: Theory and Practice” covers state-of-the-art studies in the field of solid state fermentation (SSF). In terms of different characteristics of microbial metabolites, this book catalogs SSF into two main parts: anaerobic and aerobic SSF. Based on the principles of porous media and strategies of process control and scale-up, which are introduced in the book, it not only presents a well-founded explanation of essence of solid state fermentation, but also their influence on microbial physiology. In addition, due to the rapid development of this field in recent years, inert support solid state fermentation is also examined in detail. At last, the modern solid state fermentation technology platform is proposed, which will be used in solid biomass bioconversion. This book is intended for biochemists, biotechnologists and process engineers, as well as researchers interested in SSF. Dr. Hongzhang Chen is a Professor at Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Abstract Since its inception, solid-state fermentation has provided many daily
necessities for human beings. However, at present, solid-state fermentation is
developing slowly because of an absence of understanding of its essence and
the ...

Introduction to Solid-State Theory

Introduction to Solid-State Theory is a textbook for graduate students of physics and materials science. It also provides the theoretical background needed by physicists doing research in pure solid-state physics and its applications to electrical engineering. The fundamentals of solid-state theory are based on a description by delocalized and localized states and - within the concept of delocalized states - by elementary excitations. The development of solid-state theory within the last ten years has shown that by a systematic introduction of these concepts, large parts of the theory can be described in a unified way. At the same time, this form of description gives a "pictorial" formulation of many elementary processes in solids, which facilitates their understanding.

Each volume element of size (2n)3/Vt contains two states which, inside the Fermi
sphere at T=0, are occupied by electrons with opposite spin. of the Fermi sphere (
Fermi energy) : kF = (3n2n)l>3, E?=^Qn2nyi\ (2.9) 2.1.3 Excited States The ...

Physics of Solid-State Laser Materials

The invention of the laser has had a profound impact on the quality of our lives. Lasers are commonly being used in a multitude of diverse applications ranging from price scanners at the checkout counters of retail stores to a variety of medical surgery procedures. This graduate-level text presents the fundamental physics of solid-state lasers, including the basis of laser action and the optical and electronic properties of laser materials. The book is divided into two parts. The first section opens with a review of the quantum mechanics and solid-state physics, spectroscopy, and crystal field theory; it then treats the quantum theory of radiation, the emission and absorption of radiation, and nonlinear optics; it concludes with discussions of lattice vibrations and ion-ion interactions and of their effects on optical properties and laser action. The second section treats specific sold-state laser materials, the protypical ruby and Nd-YAG systems being treated in greatest detail; it concludes with a discussion of novel and non-standard materials.

Although many different types of lasers are used in today's applications, solid-
state lasers are always preferable if they are available with the desired operating
characteristics. For use outside the laboratory, it is desirable to have rugged, ...

Solid-State Laser Engineering

A revised and updated book dealing principally with the design and development of lasers. It is the only book available dealing exclusively with solid-state lasers. Emphasis is placed on engineering and practical considerations.

A number of different radiation sources have been employed over the years to
pump solid-state lasers; today only flashlamps, cw arc lamps, and laser diodes
depicted in Figs. 6.1 and 6.2 are of practical interest. Pump sources for solid-state

Physical Acoustics in the Solid State

Suitable for researchers and graduate students in physics and material science, "Physical Acoustics in the Solid State" reviews the modern aspects in the field, including many experimental results, especially those involving ultrasonics. Practically all fields of solid-state physics are covered: metals, semiconductors, magnetism, superconductivity, different kinds of phase transitions, low-dimensional systems, and the quantum Hall effect. After a review of the relevant experimental techniques and an introduction to the theory of elasticity, emphasizing the symmetry aspects, applications in the various fields of condensed matter physics are presented. Also treated are Brillouin-scattering results and results from thermodynamic investigations, such as thermal expansion and specific heat.

This is especially true for compounds with giant magneto-elastic coupling
constants, like heavy rare earth metals or the rare earth-iron Laves phase
compounds RFe-2 (see Sect. 5. 4). But thermal expansion and magneto-striction
are also ...