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My Big Book Of Ss 4 (Rev.)

A child-friendly series that stresses on the do-and-learn approach and follows the guidelines specified by the NCERT and the NCF. Interesting facts, given as 'Fun To Know', are boxed in the text. 'More To Do' activities give an insight into how knowledge gained from books can be transferred to practical life. 'Fun To Learn' section helps to learn in a fun way.

Drawing upon her teaching experience and interaction with students, Ms Jain
has been writing and editing school books and atlases for the past 20 years.
Known for their simple language and child-friendly approach, her books have
been ...

My Big Book of Alph.

The nursery books for our very young learners are a combination of fun and learning. Prepared after careful research and feedback, these books for the pre-schoolers serve as ideal stepping stones into the world of education.

My Big Book of ABC 2. My Big Book of Rhymes 3. My Big Book of Numbers 4. My
Big Book of Pictures 5. My Big Book of Activity A 6. My Big Book of Activity В 7. My
Big Book of Tables 8. My Big Book of Colouring A,B,C, 1—5 9. Rhymes for You ...

Tulsian's Business Studies Xi

... New Delhi in accordance with the latest syllabus of Business Studies for Class
Xl. The following several unparalleled features which impart the book a distinct
character from other books on the subject have been incorporated: • The subject