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International Marketing and the Country of Origin Effect

The Global Impact of 'made in Italy'

'The approach of the chapters that comprise this volume is academically rigorous and at the same time managerially relevant, which is why I believe the book helps to push the made-in research agenda forward at the same time as it provides practitioners with new ideas they can apply to their brands.' – Nicolas Papadopoulos, Carleton University, Canada The country of origin of goods and services can have positive or negative effect on customers' intentions to purchase. This book analyzes the impact of this effect on the international development of Italian companies in emerging markets. The chapters refer to a wide range of issues, including made-in effects in relation to ethnocentrism and to corporate social responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises; the interactions and synergistic effects between product-related made-in images and the images of places as tourism destinations; distribution channel issues; 'made-in topics' in relation to emerging markets; and a review of the relevant literature on country of origin effects. The contributors propose strategies and tools that companies might leverage to develop their international marketing and suggest policies that might strengthen these efforts. This original work will prove to be a valuable resource for students and researchers of international marketing and strategy as well as policy makers.

Although country image, unlike brand or corporate image, is not under the
marketer's control, it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of
marketing strategies, especially those operated by firms aiming to penetrate
foreign markets.

Handbook of Research in International Marketing

The global expansion of business has generated a tremendous interest among scholars, but there remains a strong need for theoretical insights into conducting marketing operations abroad. This thoroughly revised edition addresses this lack in the extant literature. The book consists of insights from leading scholars in international marketing, working not only to advance the theoretical underpinnings of today's most important international marketing issues, but also to provide insights for how the field of scholarship and practice of international marketing might develop in the future. The authors, top scholars from around the world, provide useful theoretical insights designed to stimulate contemplation and discussion, and to provide guidelines for future research on international marketing. The volume includes coverage of topics in four main areas: Part I looks at global branding while Part II examines issues of marketing strategy on a world stage. Part III offers chapters on cultural issues and the book closes with a more detailed look at marketing at the bottom of the pyramid in Part IV. Scholars and students in marketing and international business will find much of value in this comprehensive volume.

The field of 'marketing' is founded on theory development and its extension (
Bartels, 1965; Hunt, 2002; Wilkie and Moore, 2003). Specifically, the effort for
improvement of practice has led to the development of theory (Alderson, 1965),
and the ...

The Islamic Debt Market for Sukuk Securities

The Theory and Practice of Profit Sharing Investment

The relatively new sukuk (or Islamic debt securities) markets have grown to more than US $800 billion over the past decade, and continue to grow at a rate of around 20-30 per cent per year. Arguably the first of its kind, this path-breaking book provides a highly unique reference tool relating to key issues surrounding sukuk markets, which are found in 12 major financial centres, including Kuala Lumpur, London and Zurich. The internationally renowned contributors present an in-depth study of sukuk securities, beginning with a comprehensive definition and history. They go on to discuss Islamic financial concepts and practices that govern how sukuk securities are issued, how markets are carefully regulated to protect investors, and how securities are designed to safeguard invested money. The prospects and challenges of developing sukuk Islamic debt markets across the world are also illustrated. This comprehensive guide to sukuk markets will prove a fascinating and useful reference tool for academics, students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in Islamic finance, and, more specifically, in the nascent field of sukuk securities.

marketing. and. listing. of. sukuk. securities. Mohamed. Ariff. and. Shamsher.
Mohamad1. 12.1. INTRODUCTION. The first Malaysian sukuk as a new Islamic
financial debt security was issued as a private sector issue by Shell Company (M)
Bhd ...

Islamic Perspectives on Management and Organization

"Scholars and practitioners who specialize in business, economics, international relations, religion, and sociology will find this book a necessary resource for broadening their understanding of the religious and cultural aspects of conducting business across cultures. The comprehensive and original coverage of the book will prove useful in understanding business, cultural, and philosophical issues related to the Islamic World."--BOOK JACKET.

... quality work in management science, human resource management,
organisational behaviour, marketing, management information systems,
operations management, business ethics, strategic management and
international management.

Handbook of Islamic Marketing

ÔThis is an especially timely publication, given the current metamorphosis of politics in the Middle East and North Africa. ...zlem Sandõkcõ and Gillian Rice are to be congratulated for having sensed the need for a Handbook that will alert marketers to the vast market opportunities offered by Muslim consumers. It is essential to become attuned to the values and principles of Islamic cultures that will drive consumption, product and service choices, brand preference, and brand loyalty in coming years. The scholars who have contributed to this Handbook come from many different backgrounds to offer a kaleidoscope of research and recommendations on how best to serve this previously overlooked segment of consumers who make up a quarter of world markets.Õ Ð Lyn S. Amine, Saint Louis University, US ÔThis ambitious and timely collection will be enormously valuable to readers in the practice and study of the growing field of Muslim marketing and branding. Essays range expertly across key sectors (notably finance, food, and fashion) and territories (of Muslim majority and minority population). Contributors elaborate the diversity of Muslim experiences, beliefs, and practices that must be taken into account by marketing professionals seeking to exploit this newly recognized market. Academic authors provide helpful postscripts for marketers, making clear the links between their nuanced historicized understanding of contemporary transnational, global, and local forms of Muslim identity and practice. This book provides an essential guide to those who study and those who participate in Muslim branding and marketing.Õ Ð Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion, UK The Handbook of Islamic Marketing provides state-of-the-art scholarship on the intersection of Islam, consumption and marketing and lays out an agenda for future research. The topics covered by eminent contributors from around the world range from fashion and food consumption practices of Muslims to retailing, digital marketing, advertising, corporate social responsibility and nation branding in the context of Muslim marketplaces. The essays offer new insights into the relationship between morality, consumption and marketing practices and discuss the implications of politics and globalization for Islamic markets. This comprehensive Handbook provides an essential introduction to the newly emerging field of Islamic marketing. It is invaluable for researchers and students in international marketing who are interested in the intersection of Islam and marketing as well as those from anthropology and sociology studying Muslim consumers and businesses. The book also supplies vital knowledge for Muslim and non-Muslim business leaders generating commerce in Islamic communities.

This book provides an essential guide to those who study and those who participate in Muslim branding and marketing.Õ Ð Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion, UK The Handbook of Islamic Marketing provides state-of-the-art scholarship on ...

Tax Compliance and Tax Morale

A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

The book will be of considerable assistance to students and other researchers working in the area of compliance behaviour, or more generally, in the area of designing empirical studies. Margaret McKerchar, The British Accounting Review Torgler s book is a valuable contribution to the tax field, especially as it pioneers research into tax morale that is in its infancy and helps redress the US domination of the tax-compliance literature. It places econometric analysis where it rightly belongs as the supporting act, not the main feature! and takes a holistic approach in attempting to explain the complex area of human behaviour that tax compliance involves, whatever the country. Jeff Pope, Agenda Benno Torgler has written an exciting and important book. His careful and imaginative use of survey and experimental data explores important behavioral and institutional dimensions of tax policy and administration that have been too long neglected. The book provides a thorough exposition of what we now know about these issues as well as a rich menu of suggestions about how to do empirical research on the relation between citizens and states and how to build social capital through rethinking how states tax their citizens. Richard M. Bird, University of Toronto, Canada The question of why citizens pay their taxes has attracted increased attention in the tax compliance literature of late. In this book, Benno Torgler considers the evidence that suggests that enforcement efforts cannot fully explain the high degree of tax compliance within society. To attempt to resolve this puzzle, numerous researchers have argued that citizens attitudes towards paying taxes (defined as tax morale) help to explain the high degree of compliance. Yet most have treated tax morale itself as a black box, failing to discuss the issues influencing it. This unique volume provides important new insights into the factors that shape the emergence and maintenance of citizens willingness to cooperate with tax legislations in different societies. Distinctive in its examination of citizen tax morale and tax compliance, this book will be of great interest to academics, researchers and students concerned with economics, political science, sociology, social psychology and accounting. It will also appeal to policymakers and practitioners.

Tax amnesties are increasingly used by governments around the world. For
example, in November 2001, Italian finance minister Giulio Tremonti declared a
six-month tax amnesty, the 'scudo fiscale'. During the amnesty, some €56 billion
of ...

Handbook of Research in International Marketing

'This edited volume is a welcome addition to international marketing literature ... The volume as a whole presents an excellent review of the international marketing field and provides some future directions. The contributors, all esteemed and well-known scholars in the field, have tackled their respective specialization areas in depth and substance. Moreover, the volume is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of international marketing areas. I am sure it will be highly useful for researchers and practitioners in international marketing. This is one of the few such edited volumes that address not only researchers but also practitioners. It is, due to its approach and style, very accessible. In conclusion, it is a most comprehensive volume on contemporary research on international marketing and is rightly titled as "handbook." For researchers, particularly Ph.D. candidates, it should serve as the first reading to bring them up to date about the state of the knowledge in their respective field. This will also help them formulate their own research questions and methodologies. For managers, it presents a wealth of knowledge that can help them formulate their international marketing strategies.' - Pervez Ghauri, Journal of International Business Studies Presenting the challenges and opportunities ahead, the contributors to this volume critically examine the current status and future direction of research in international marketing. The result of a sustained and lively dialogue among contributors from a variety of cultures, this volume gathers their perspectives and many insights on the revitalization of the field. The authors address the way international marketing actually functions, as well as theoretical explorations of how it should function. Some of the papers break through the bounds of traditional disciplines and methodologies to borrow whatever tools and concepts are needed for a particular inquiry. Others are less concerned with testing existing theory than with generating new insights. Still others provide results that are significant for managers. Many of the contributors are drawn to problems broad in scope and offer insights that are of considerable value for advancing the state of the art. Part I offers a review of the state of the art in international marketing and examines market orientation and withdrawal. Parts II through IV cover foreign market entry modes, strategy, and cross cultural issues. Parts V and VI discuss global electronic commerce as well as diffusion models, country equity, and global scorecards. A timely and innovative volume, Handbook of Research in International Marketing is a must read for anyone interested in marketing research or international business.

List of Journals Reviewed Marketing Journals General Business Journals
European Journal of Marketing Industrial Marketing Management International
Journal of Advertising International Journal of Research in Marketing
International Marketing Review Journal of Consumer Marketing Journal of
Advertising Research Journal of Consumer Research Journal of Euro- Marketing
Journal of Global Marketing Journal of International Consumer Marketing Journal
of International Marketing ...

New Challenges for International Business Research

Back to the Future

In this final collection of his essays, John Dunning looks back on more than 40 years of research in International Business (IB), whilst at the same time considering possibilities for the future

The Global Factory

Networked Multinational Enterprises in the Modern Global Economy

This key new book synthesises Peter Buckley's work on ‘the global factory’ – the modern networked multinational enterprise. The role of interfirm networks, entrepreneurship and cooperation in the creation and management of global factories leads to a discussion of their governance, internal knowledge transfer strategies and performance, including their role in potentially combating societal failures. Emerging country multinationals are examined as a special case of global factories with a focus on Indian and Chinese multinationals, their involvement in tax havens and offshore financial centres, the performance and processes of their acquisition strategies – all seen as key aspects of globalisation.

Cassiman, B., Colombo, M.G., Garrone, P., & Veugelers, R. (2005). The impact of
M&A on the R&D process: An empirical analysis of the role of technological-and
marketrelatedness. Research Policy, 34, 195–220. Cassiman, B., & Veugelers, R.
(2006). In search of complementarity in innovation ... Journal of International
Money and Finance, 26, 788–813. Cohen, W. M., & Levinthal, D. A. (1990). ...
Advances in Financial Economics. Bingley: Emerald (MCB UP). Field, A. (2010).

Modern Perspectives on Islamic Law

'This book presents an invaluable contribution to the debate on the compatibility of Islam and modernity. It is full of arguments and examples showing how Islam can be understood in line with modern life, human rights, democracy, the rule of law, civil society and pluralism. The three authors come from different countries, represent different gender perspectives and have a Shia, a Sunni and a non-Muslim background respectively which makes the book a unique source of information and inspiration.' Irmgard Marboe, University of Vienna, Austria This well-informed book explains, reflects on and analyses Islamic law, not only in the classical legal tradition of Sharia, but also its modern, contemporary context. The book explores the role of Islamic law in secular Western nations and reflects on the legal system of Islam in its classical context as applied in its traditional homeland of the Middle East and also in South East Asia. Written by three leading scholars from three different backgrounds: a Muslim in the Sunni tradition, a Muslim in the Shia tradition, and a non-Muslim woman the book is not only unique, but also enriched by differing insights into Islamic law. Sir William Blair provides the foreword to a book which acknowledges that Islam continues to play a vital role not just in the Middle East but across the wider world, the discussion on which the authors embark is a crucial one. The book starts with an analysis of the nature of Islamic law, its concepts, meaning and sources, as well as its development in different stages of Islamic history. This is followed by accounts of how Islamic law is being practised today. Key modern institutions are discussed, such as the parliament, judiciary, dar al-ifta, political parties, and other important organizations. It continues by analysing some key concepts in our modern times: nation-state, citizenship, ummah, dhimmah (recognition of the status of certain non-Muslims in Islamic states), and the rule of law. The book investigates how in recent times, more and more fatwas are issued collectively rather than emanating from an individual scholar. The authors then evaluate how Islamic law deals with family matters, economics, crime, property and alternative dispute resolution. Lastly, the book revisits certain contemporary issues of debate in Islamic law such as the burqa, halal food, riba (interest) and apostasy. Modern Perspectives on Islamic Law will become a standard scholarly text on Islamic law. Its wide-ranging coverage will appeal to researchers and students of Islamic law, or Islamic studies in general. Legal practitioners will also be interested in the comparative aspects of Islamic law presented in this book.

[that] those are the ones whom God has guided, and those are the ones who are
indeed people of wisdom (ulul al-bab).1 Islamic law is the world's third major
legal system, after the common and civil law systems. Although the Quran and
Sunna are the original sources of Islamic law, the Islamic legal system has
evolved many other sources, methodologies and perspectives. Like any other
legal system, the Islamic legal system has developed over many centuries in
various Muslim ...