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365 Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep

We spend about one third of our lives asleep—but we still feel tired. Without a good eight hours, we end up head-bobbing at work and drinking enough coffee to fuel a jet!This book addresses the surprisingly complex issue of sleep in easy-to-tackle steps. This exhaustive guide brings shuteye within reach as it explains how to: Pay back a sleep debt Nap without throwing off nighttime rest Deter disturbing dreams Handle a sleepwalker (or night-eater!) Take a bite out of teeth grinding, and more! It’s usually not a good thing for a book to put you to sleep. But this one-way ticket to dreamland will help you go from counting sheep to fast asleep!

Without a good eight hours, we end up head-bobbing at work and drinking enough coffee to fuel a jet!This book addresses the surprisingly complex issue of sleep in easy-to-tackle steps.

Setiap Wanita Pasti Bisa Tampil Gaya

"""Bagi kita yang berukuran XL (extra large), memilih busana tidaklah semudah wanita yang berukuran S (small) atau M (medium). Kerap kali model yang kita sukai, ternyata tidak terlalu bagus setelah busana tersebut kita kenakan. Benarkah begitu? Apakah Anda pikir mereka yang bertubuh langsing, tidak pernah menemui kesulitan ketika harus memilih busana? Tengoklah sekeliling Anda dan perhatikan beberapa wanita berukuran besar ternyata tampil stylish, penuh gaya. Ketahuilah bahwa untuk tampil gaya, kuncinya tidak hanya pada busana, tetapi penampilan Anda secara keseluruhan, termasuk potongan rambut dan aksesori yang Anda kenakan. Dan yang utama adalah: ubahlah fokus Anda, dari BENTUK tubuh ke PROPORSI tubuh. Setiap individu adalah unik, termasuk proporsi tubuhnya, sehingga dengan mengenali nya, Anda dapat MENUTUPI kekurangan Anda, serta MENONJOLKAN kelebihan Anda."""

"""Bagi kita yang berukuran XL (extra large), memilih busana tidaklah semudah wanita yang berukuran S (small) atau M (medium).

The Fitness Protocols

Look Better, Feel Better, and Live a Better Life

This book is a practical guide for people interested in accomplishing long-lasting weight loss and fitness improvement. It includes weight-loss and fitness approach, tactics and tips that helped Epi Torres lose 70 pounds and keep them off over nine years. Kirkus Indies Reviews writes, "A comprehensive book that details and outlines how to achieve optimum fitness and improve one's quality of life. Torres is a convincing authority on exercise and diet---he reduced his waist size by 10 inches and has maintained a 70-pound weight loss for nearly 10 years. In an easy-to-read, conversational tone, the author provides a multitude of statistics and studies that support his approaches to weight loss and fitness. He gives some interesting insights into many of the factors that contribute to weight gain, including psychological, emotional and physiological components." The book is organized into four sections: commitment, preparation, change and maintenance. Epi takes readers through the complete weight loss journey to help them achieve the maximum level of success. Each section contains important information as well as exercises to be used in each stage of the journey. The first section helps readers develop a sufficient level of sustainable commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The second section helps the reader prepare for improving their fitness, while the third section, change, helps the readers complete the necessary actions to accomplish improvement. After readers hit the weight loss and fitness level they desire, the book explains how to maintain the changes and improvements made for years to come. The book is a necessary read for anyone who is serious about losing weight, improving their fitness and more importantly maintaining the gains they make.

This book is a practical guide for people interested in accomplishing long-lasting weight loss and fitness improvement.


Tumpas Penyakit Ringan sampai Berat

Seringnya menimbun racun dalam tubuh dengan mengonsumsi makanan instan secara terus menerus, membuat tubuh cepat terserang penyakit yang berbahaya dan rentan dengan penuaan dini. Terutama bagi yang tidak menyukai sayur atau pun buah, tentu sulit sekali memenuhi asupan sehat untuk tubuhnya. Sebenarnya, ada cara lain yang bisa digunakan untuk menyiasati ketidaksukaan terhadap sayur dan buah. Salah satunya adalah dengan cara minum jus. Jus yang dikonsumsi sebaiknya jus yang dibuat sendiri supaya kandungan dan kebersihannya tetap terjaga. Buku ini mengemas lengkap resep jus buah, sayur, dan ramuan herbal untuk menumpas berbagai penyakit di antaranya mencegah obesitas, diabetes, kolesterol, hipertensi, asam urat, sembelit dan wasir, kanker, serta sebagai peremajaan kulit, mengatasi anemia, migrain dan sakit kepala, mencegah penyakit jantung, stroke, diare, meningkatkan stamina dan gairah seksual, kesehatan mata, meredakan asma dan alergi, keputihan, batuk, flu, dan pilek. Dilengkapi juga dengan resep jus untuk bayi, balita, dan ibu menyusui. Lengkap dengan informasi seputar manfaat yang terkandung di dalam buah, sayur, dan herbal sebagai informasi untuk mengombinasikan resep jus Anda agar tidak membosankan. Tertarik untuk mencobanya? So, let's juicing!

Rumput laut termasuk ke dalam anggota alga (tumbuhan memiliki klorofil atau
zat hijau daun). Tanaman yang tumbuh di perairan dangkal ini banyak memiliki
varietas, ada yang hijau, merah, cokelat atau hijau kebiruan. Rumput laut kaya ...

Total Quality Management for Home Care

The first quality management handbook developed specifically for the h ome health care industry, this book provides a comprehensive program w ith step-by-step guidelines, ready-to-use models, charts, sample forms, questionnaires, surveys, letters, and reports everything needed to d esign, implement, and maintain an effective program. It includes vital information regarding OSHA and Joint Commission requirements and inte rnational standards, as well as auditing and statistical data collecti on and evaluation techniques. This book provides the framework for tra nsforming a home care company into a customer driven organization. Too ls and techniques are provided to establish unparalleled service excel lence throughout the delivery of care and subsequent business transact ions.

Use a computer program that will conduct multiple regression analysis. This type
of analysis will assist the agency in identifying the key drivers of satisfaction or
the key quality characteristics. These are the issues that will be the most
important ...

50 Ways Parkinson's Could Affect You

About The Author Dr. Abdul Qayyum Rana is a neurologist who specializes in Parkinson's disease and Movement disorders. He is currently the Director of Parkinson's Clinic of Eastern Toronto and Movement Disorders Center, located in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Rana completed his neurology residency training in New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, New Jersey, U.S.A. He then did a fellowship in Parkinson’s disease and Movement disorders at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Rana is well known for promoting public awareness of Parkinson's disease and Movement disorders. Dr. Rana is also founder of World Parkinson's Education Program. Dr.Rana has written extensively on various aspects of Parkinson's disease and Movement disorders. Some of the books and publications of Dr. Rana are as follows, Book titles A Synopsis of Neurological Emergencies An Aid to Neuro-ophthalmology An Introduction to Essential Tremor 50 Ways Parkinson's Could Affect You Educational Brochures Frequently Asked Questions About Parkinson's disease This is a series of educational brochures about Parkinson's disease which have been translated in different languages and are used in many countries around the world.

Avoiding use of deep seated chairs or couches 10. Moving to the front edge of
the chair and leaning forward, placing hands on the arm of the chair and the feet
on the ground and then pushing forwards helps in difficulty rising from a chair 11.
Adjustable chairs and using chairs with motorized seats which tilt forward to a
standing position are very helpful. Festination: Festination of gait is a typical
symptom seen in Parkinson's disease and was described by James Parkinson in
1817 in ...

The Relative Effectiveness of 10 Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in the United States

Reports results of interviews of youths treated in 11 adolescent programs that had been identified as having suggestive evidence of effectiveness, to learn whether they had better outcomes than they would have had at other facilities.

A small number of cases were admitted to their respective treatment programs
less than 12 months prior to March 2002. Because these cases had no 12-month
assessments in the dataset, they were excluded by design. Since we assume in
this report that treatment effects are constant over the period of study, we can also
assume that the exclusion of these cases introduces no bias into our treatment
effect estimates. More problematic are those cases excluded because they were
lost ...

Points of Health The Effectiveness and Safety of Acupuncture and Acupressure

Holistic medicine has a very special concern - preventing illness and maintaining health. While conventional medicine has a powerful arsenal of weapons to coax the ill body back to health, holistic medicine uses a wider range of therapies which reinforce the body's own defenses to restore balance. Acupuncture and Acupressure have over 4,500 years of recorded healings. This book explains how they work and why, for many kinds of health problems, it is a better healing approach than conventional Western medicine.

Irwin Tyler. To sum up, Acupressure care is a cost-effective alternative to the
management of many challenging health conditions. It is increasingly accepted
by the public in the West. There is every reason to believe, based on recent
Western studies, that Acupressure, like the better-known Acupuncture, will be “
proven” to be more useful for many more medical conditions than currently
understood in the West. Did you ever go to your doctor for treatment but 50.