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New Challenges for International Business Research

Back to the Future

In this final collection of his essays, John Dunning looks back on more than 40 years of research in International Business (IB), whilst at the same time considering possibilities for the future

Correlation Between Interactive EBooks and Printed Text in Reading Achievement and Student Interest

"This study was conducted to determine if the additional text features of interactive eBooks in the general education classroom increased student reading achievement and student motivation over traditional printed text."--p. viii.

"This study was conducted to determine if the additional text features of interactive eBooks in the general education classroom increased student reading achievement and student motivation over traditional printed text."--Page viii.

Procrastination - A Prince Among Thieves

Procrastination-Prince Among Thieves follows the trail of George Little, an American businessman in search of his ancestor, John Little, friend and lieutenant of Robin Hood. But that is only one part of the story.. Richard Ash, an English marketing businessman who struggles with procrastination, joins George in his quest. As the tale unfolds, a unique dialogue about the reasons for procrastination is opened. For the chronic procrastinator, this eye-opening read provides an entertaining means of engaging with their own procrastination problems and learning how to manage them. A must-read for businesspeople or anyone who needs to manage their time more efficiently!

But that is only one part of the story.. Richard Ash, an English marketing businessman who struggles with procrastination, joins George in his quest. As the tale unfolds, a unique dialogue about the reasons for procrastination is opened.

Identification of Best Energy-efficiency Opportunities in Alberta's Energy Sector

GHG mitigation cost curves for the residential, commercial, and transport sectors of Alberta. Phase II

The province of Alberta has one of the largest hydrocarbon bases in North America. This makes it one of the leading Canadian provinces for energy production and consumption. The energy sector is one of the largest contributors to provincial GDP, income, employment, andgovernment revenue (Government of Alberta, 2008). This report gives a brief description of the assessment of energy-efficiency improvement scenarios in the energy-demand sectors in Alberta.

The province of Alberta has one of the largest hydrocarbon bases in North America.

One-Minute Mindfulness

How to Live in the Moment

Sometimes we can lose touch with ourselves so much that we don't even know we have done so, until suddenly we realise with a start that we have just been going through the motions, without really experiencing our lives.The simple fact is that in today's world, we spend so much time looking forward, rushing on to the next thing, or looking backwards, stressing and worrying about our perceived mistakes, that we rarely still ourselves and our minds enough to be truly in the present moment.In One-Minute Mindfulness, Simon Parke uses stories and simple thoughts to help us see through clear eyes how.

Events had taken a downward turn for him and, to cope with his anxiety, he had
tried medication but it hadn't helped him. He was a great lover of nature, however
, and so when someone suggested that he contemplated a mountain, he was
pleased to do so. Bringing the mountain into his consciousness for 15 minutes
each day, his anxiety dissipated and was replaced by strength and a feeling of
inner solidity. 'I've always loved mountains,' he said in his soft Irish accent. 'But I
didn't ...

Kemahiran Bacaan Awal Bahasa Melayu Prasekolah (Penerbit USM)

Kanak-kanak prasekolah sering berdepan dengan masalah menguasai kemahiran membaca pada peringkat awal. Atas inisiatif untuk menangani masalah ini, modul pengajaran bacaan awal bahasa Melayu yang dinamakan Kaedah Kawalan Vokal Berstruktur (KVB) diperkenalkan dalam buku ini. Kaedah KVB bersandarkan pada dua teori utama dalam proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran iaitu Teori Behavioris dan Kognitif. Topik-topik dalam buku ini menyentuh tentang perkembangan bahasa kanak-kanak, kemahiran membaca pada peringkat bacaan awal dan pelaksanaan pengajaran kemahiran bacaan awal melalui pendekatan Belajar Melalui Bermain. Lebih menarik lagi, buku ini turut dilengkapi dengan contoh aplikasi pengajaran termasuk Ujian Kesediaan Membaca dan Ujian Kemahiran Bacaan Awal. Penulis berharap buku ini dapat menjadi panduan kepada guru prasekolah dan sekolah rendah dalam pengajaran kemahiran bacaan awal, serta guru kelas pemulihan bagi murid-murid yang mempunyai masalah membaca.

Hipotesis initelah dikemukakanoleh Piaget. Golongan Kognitif
menganggapbahasa sebagai hasil kecekapan kognitif (Kamarudin, 1998; Juriah,
1993). Namun, Berk, 1997 & terdapat pandangan ahli bahasa yang mengatakan
bahawabahasa mempengaruhi pemikiran (Briton, 1970).Teori
KognitifInteraksionis menjelaskanbahawa gurubertugas sebagai
pembantuperkembangan kecerdasan intelek kanakkanak sewaktu mereka cuba
mendapatkan idea tentang penggunaanperkataan.

Neuropeptide Receptors as Treatment Targets in Alcohol Use Disorders

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a complex disorder with multiple pathophysiological processes contributing to the initiation, progression and development of the disease state. AUD is a chronic relapsing disease with escalation of alcohol-intake over time in repeated cycles of tolerance, abstinence and relapse and hence, it is very difficult to treat. There are only a few currently available treatments with narrow efficacy and variable patient response. Thus it is important to find new, more effective medications to increase the number of patients who can benefit from pharmacological treatment of AUD. The research presented in this thesis work focuses on the critical involvement of central neuropeptides in alcohol-related behaviors. The overall aim was to evaluate the nociceptin/orphanin FQ (NOP) receptor, the neuropeptide Y (NPY) Y2 receptor and the melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) receptor 1 as novel and potential pharmacological treatment targets for AUD by testing the NOP receptor agonist SR-8993, the NPY-Y2 receptor antagonist CYM-9840 and the MCH1 receptor antagonist GW803430 in established animal models. In the first study (Paper I), the novel and selective NOP agonist SR-8993 was assessed in rat models of motivation to obtain alcohol and relapse to alcohol seeking behavior using the operant self-administration (SA) paradigm. Firstly, treatment with SR-8993 (1 mg/kg) showed a mildly anxiolytic effect and reversed acute alcohol withdrawal-induced “hangover” anxiety in the elevated plus-maze (EPM). Next, it potently attenuated alcohol SA and motivation to obtain alcohol in the progressive ratio responding (PRR) and reduced both alcohol cue-induced and yohimbine stress-induced reinstatement of alcohol seeking, without affecting the pharmacology and metabolism of alcohol nor other control behaviors. To extend these findings, SR-8993 was evaluated in escalated alcohol-intake in rats. Treatment with SR-8993 significantly suppressed alcohol-intake and preference in rats that were trained to consume high amounts of alcohol in the two-bottle free choice intermittent access (IA) paradigm. SR-8993 also blocked operant SA of alcohol in rats that showed robust escalation in operant alcohol SA following chronic IA exposure to alcohol. In the second study (Paper II), SR-8993 was further evaluated in a model for escalated alcohol-intake induced by long-term IA exposure to alcohol. The effect of previous experience on operant alcohol SA on two-bottle free choice preference drinking was evaluated and sensitivity to treatment with SR-8993 was tested in rats selected for escalated and non-escalated alcohol seeking behavior. We found that rats exposed to the combined SA-IA paradigm showed greater sensitivity to SR-8993 treatment. In addition, acute escalation of alcohol SA after a three-week period of abstinence was completely abolished by pretreatment with SR-8993. In the third study (Paper III), the effects of the novel, small molecule NPY-Y2 antagonist CYM-9840 were tested in operant alcohol SA, PRR which is a model for motivation to work for alcohol and reinstatement of alcohol-seeking behavior. Treatment with CYM-9840 (10 mg/kg) potently attenuated alcohol SA, progressive ratio responding and stress-induced reinstatement using yohimbine as the stressor, while alcohol cue-induced reinstatement was unaffected. Moreover, a range of control behaviors including taste sensitivity, locomotor and pharmacological sensitivity to the sedative effects of alcohol remained unaffected by CYM-9840 pretreatment, indicating that its effects are specific to the rewarding and motivational aspects of alcohol-intake and related behaviors. CYM-9840 also reversed acute alcohol withdrawal-induced “hangover” anxiety measured in the EPM and reduced alcohol-intake in the 4 hour limited access two-bottle free choice preference drinking model. Finally, in the fourth study (Paper IV), the selective MCH1-R antagonist GW803430 was tested in rat models of escalated alcohol-intake. Pretreatment with GW803430 (effective at 10 & 30 mg/kg) dose-dependently reduced alcohol and food-intake in rats that consumed high amounts of alcohol during IA, while it only decreased food-intake in rats that consumed low amounts of alcohol during IA, likely due to a floor effect. Upon protracted abstinence following IA, GW803430 significantly reduced operant alcohol SA and this was associated with adaptations in MCH and MCH1-R gene-expression. In contrast, GW803430 did not affect escalated alcohol SA induced by chronic alcohol vapor exposure and this was accompanied by no change in MCH or MCH1-R gene expression. Overall, these results suggest that the MCH1-R antagonist affects alcohol-intake through regulation of both motivation for caloric-intake and the rewarding properties of alcohol. In conclusion, our results suggest critical roles for these central neuropeptides in the regulation of anxiety and of alcohol reward, making them potential pharmacological targets in the treatment of AUD.

Abdul Maruf Asif Aziz. LIST OF SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES I. The nociceptin/orphanin
FQ receptor agonist SR-8993 as a candidate therapeutic for alcohol use disorder:
validation in rat models Aziz AMA, Brothers S, Sartor G, Holm L, Heilig M,
Wahlestedt C, Thorsell A. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2016 Oct;233(19-20):
3553-63. doi: 10.1007/s00213- 016-4385-8. PMID: 27515665. II. Escalation of
self-administration following intermittent access to alcohol selects for sensitivity to
treatment ...

Can the Poor Influence Policy?

Participatory Poverty Assessments in the Developing World

This Guide provides clear, up-to-date guidance on the concepts, definitions, and classifications of the gross external debt of the public and private sectors, and on the sources, compilation techniques, and analytical uses of these data. The Guide supersedes the previous international guidance on external debt statistics available in External Debt: Definition, Statistical Coverage, and Methodology (known as the Gray Book), 1988. The Guides conceptual framework derives from the System of National Accounts 1993 and the fifth edition of the IMFs Balance of Payments Manual(1993). Preparation of the Guide was undertaken by an Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics, chaired by the IMF and involving representatives from the BIS, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the European Central Bank, Eurostat, the OECD, the Paris Club Secretariat, UNCTAD, and the World Bank.

In view of the limited coverage of the hedging supplement, the results were
intended to be indicative estimates. 14.140 The project began in ... The RBNZ
offered advice and consultation on several occasions during the course of the
project. The private sector ... 21“Overseas debt” is the term used for the SNZ
survey that collects data on New Zealand's external debt, and the published
statistics. The survey ...