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Solid-State Physics

Introduction to the Theory

While the standard solid state topics are covered, the basic ones often have more detailed derivations than is customary (with an empasis on crystalline solids). Several recent topics are introduced, as are some subjects normally included only in condensed matter physics. Lattice vibrations, electrons, interactions, and spin effects (mostly in magnetism) are discussed the most comprehensively. Many problems are included whose level is from "fill in the steps" to long and challenging, and the text is equipped with references and several comments about experiments with figures and tables.

Herzfield CM and Meijer PHE, “Group Theory and Crystal Field Theory,” Solid
State Physics, Advances in Research and Applications 12, 1-91 (1961). 1.11.
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Solid-State Physics

An Introduction to Principles of Materials Science

This new edition of the well-received introduction to solid-state physics provides a comprehensive overview of the basic theoretical and experimental concepts of materials science. Experimental aspects and laboratory details are highlighted in separate panels that enrich text and emphasize recent developments. Notably, new material in the third edition includes sections on important new devices, aspects of non- periodic structures of matter, phase transitions, defects, superconductors and nanostructures. Students will benefit significantly from solving the exercises given at the end of each chapter. This book is intended for university students in physics, materials science and electrical engineering. It has been thoroughly updated to maintain its relevance and usefulness to students and professionals.

An Introduction to Principles of Materials Science Harald Ibach, Hans Lüth.
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