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International Marketing and the Country of Origin Effect

The Global Impact of 'made in Italy'

'The approach of the chapters that comprise this volume is academically rigorous and at the same time managerially relevant, which is why I believe the book helps to push the made-in research agenda forward at the same time as it provides practitioners with new ideas they can apply to their brands.' – Nicolas Papadopoulos, Carleton University, Canada The country of origin of goods and services can have positive or negative effect on customers' intentions to purchase. This book analyzes the impact of this effect on the international development of Italian companies in emerging markets. The chapters refer to a wide range of issues, including made-in effects in relation to ethnocentrism and to corporate social responsibility in small and medium-sized enterprises; the interactions and synergistic effects between product-related made-in images and the images of places as tourism destinations; distribution channel issues; 'made-in topics' in relation to emerging markets; and a review of the relevant literature on country of origin effects. The contributors propose strategies and tools that companies might leverage to develop their international marketing and suggest policies that might strengthen these efforts. This original work will prove to be a valuable resource for students and researchers of international marketing and strategy as well as policy makers.

Although country image, unlike brand or corporate image, is not under the
marketer's control, it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of
marketing strategies, especially those operated by firms aiming to penetrate
foreign markets.

The Handbook of International Marketing Communications

This text meets the needs of modern marketers by equipping them with specialised marketing communications skills at an international level.

This text meets the needs of modern marketers by equipping them with specialised marketing communications skills at an international level.

International Marketing Resource Guide

Walks you through the international direct marketing process. References hundreds of resources. Includes actual case studies of U.S. companies marketing their products and services directly to customers in other countries. Covers: understanding issues unique to international business; overview of international markets by region, and by selected countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the U.K.); market information sources; reaching the customer; pricing, accounting and legal considerations; sales transactions; and more.

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International Marketing Management

Text and Cases

Given the need for Indian managers to be fully aware of the issues related to International Marketing, this has emerged as a major study area over the last few years. It constitutes an integral part of the syllabi in most reputed business schools. International Marketing Management: Text and Cases attempts to make learning the nuances of the subject easy from the students` viewpoint. Some of its key features are: - An analysis of international trade, economic free trade zones, embargoes on exports, and the tariff and non-tariff barriers that companies face - The role of international organisations under the aegis of the United Nations in international marketing - The systems and the forms used in international marketing in India - A focus on the importance of stakeholders of a company for corporate survival - Highly developed and class-tested management games The interactive management games and carefully selected case studies provide hands-on corporate experience to students, making the book invaluable for those pursuing MBA, BBA and MIB programmes. It would also be of interest to corporate marketing heads and others in the field of marketing.

AIMS AND OUTCOMES OF THE CHAPTER Once a firm has completed its
marketing research and decided about the product(s) it wants to introduce in the
market, having selected the niche market, the firm needs to ensure that its
customers ...

Internet Resources and Services for International Marketing and Advertising

A Global Guide

"Each country's resources fall into three categories: General Business, General Research, and Advertising and Marketing. The General Business category provides Internet resources on e-commerce, Internet, or international trade environments, as well as electronic marketplaces. The General Research category consists mostly of Internet resources that provide market research and statistical information about a country's economic and social well-being, general statistical methodology resources are also included. The Advertising and Marketing category contains resources with information on advertising and marketing industries."--BOOK JACKET.

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International Marketing Management

Contents: Organisation and Control in International Marketing Management, International Pricing Strategy, Marketing Strategy Planning, Product Policy and Planning, International Advertising, Marketing Strategy Planning for International Markets, The Firm as a Business System, International Markets, Marketed in a Consumer-Oriented Society: Appraisal and Challenges.

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International Marketing in Fast Changing Environment

Volume 24 of Advances in International Marketing, guest-edited by Professors Jean, Chiou and Zou, considers the impact of major trends in internal and external environments of the firm on international marketing,

Labeling this volume ''International Marketing in Rapidly Changing Environments
,'' the AIM Volume 24 aims to continuously push frontiers and explore the
increasing role of emerging markets in global innovation. The key phenomenon
of ...

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Product Design, Innovation, and Branding in International Marketing; Creative Research on Branding, Product Design/Innovation, and Strategic Thought/Social Entrepreneurship

Interdisciplinary approaches are critical to solve the interesting problems of the day. This volume seeks to capture and synthesize the knowledge in the area of branding, product design, innovation, and strategic thought in international marketing.

Her previous experience includes Associate Professor in Marketing at ESC
Rennes France and Lecturer in Communication (cultural theory and consumption
) at The University of Newcastle Australia. Having completed a Ph.D. in Cultural ...

International Marketing

With the onset of globalisation, International Marketing has become an important subject among students pursuing MBA in International Marketing and International Trade as also among professionals who study and undertake research projects in the areas such as Foreign Direct Investment, Free Trade Area , World Trade Organisation, UNCTAD and the like. The third edition focuses on global economy and its transmission to India. The global economic condition is perhaps at its best since the World War-II, mainly because of the upward trend in international relations, and aggressive bilateral, multi-lateral as well as regional treaties concerning trade and economy among various countries throughout the globe. An updated table of contents reflects the latest research findings and practices up to the year 2005. The latest edition offers new chapters on Competitive Analysis, Competitive Strategies, Technical Environment, Globalisation, International Retail Management and the World Trade Organisation (WTO) covering right up to Hong Kong Ministerial 2005. Additionally, some assorted current topics such as Performance of Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09, Export Taxes, Composition of Trade, Direction of Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, External Commercial Borrowings, Non-residential Deposits and Exchange Rate Movements have been given due place in the book. Each chapter concludes with a summary, a list of questions and case studies for ready reference. The bibliography is exhaustive including Internet references for further studies. A must read book for MBA, International Marketing and International Trade students and researchers.

The third edition focuses on global economy and its transmission to India.

Corporate Social Responsibility as an International Marketing Approach

Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: The purpose of this paper Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an International Marketing Approach is to identify an approach to merchandize corporate social responsibility on an international level. Solely promoting a company s CSR initiatives and its philosophy globally has not yet been attempted. My intention is to illustrate the possibilities of promoting CSR internationally, due to the fact of the rising interest in the subject and the resulting pressure from the outside world. To pursue this goal, general information about corporate social responsibility will have to be illustrated, along with two basic examples at the beginning, so the reader can understand the main framework of CSR. It is shown how companies can evaluate the potential that lie behind the implementation, demonstrating benefits for the company itself and other parties that can profit from CSR initiatives. Is CSR a product, a service or non of it? Is it possible to promote it as a whole? If not, how can something that is not a product or service be merchandized? These questions will be answered during the course of the paper. Possible problems of this approach during the analysis will be illustrated and swept aside with countermeasures. To demonstrate the possibilities of using CSR as an international marketing tool, the aspects which can be of use to this approach will be identified. The approaches are underlined by examples making it easier for the reader to follow. Moreover parallels of CSR aspects will be demonstrated to clarify the similarities between them. It has to be mentioned as well that there are approaches by companies to mislead consumers with false claims for their own profit. But countermeasures against these black sheep have been taken and the result will be revealed. What role does marketing really play for CSR? The relationship between a company s CSR philosophy and its possible marketing approaches involve different kinds of commitment which will be looked at in detail. But companies also have the possibility to find prominent partners for their efforts to show their social involvement. As a consequence several parties can profit from it due to mutual engagement and goals. In today s times in which globalization plays a big role, a company s CSR initiatives cannot be kept solely on a small scale but must be transferred onto an international level. The question how CSR aspects can be merchandized globally will [...]

CSR as a Marketing Approach The following chapter will illustrate the potential of
integrating an international marketing approach into a company's corporate
social responsibilities philosophy. The demonstrations that will be shown are
based ...