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International Marketing Management

Text and Cases

Given the need for Indian managers to be fully aware of the issues related to International Marketing, this has emerged as a major study area over the last few years. It constitutes an integral part of the syllabi in most reputed business schools. International Marketing Management: Text and Cases attempts to make learning the nuances of the subject easy from the students` viewpoint. Some of its key features are: - An analysis of international trade, economic free trade zones, embargoes on exports, and the tariff and non-tariff barriers that companies face - The role of international organisations under the aegis of the United Nations in international marketing - The systems and the forms used in international marketing in India - A focus on the importance of stakeholders of a company for corporate survival - Highly developed and class-tested management games The interactive management games and carefully selected case studies provide hands-on corporate experience to students, making the book invaluable for those pursuing MBA, BBA and MIB programmes. It would also be of interest to corporate marketing heads and others in the field of marketing.

AIMS AND OUTCOMES OF THE CHAPTER Once a firm has completed its
marketing research and decided about the product(s) it wants to introduce in the
market, having selected the niche market, the firm needs to ensure that its
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International Marketing Management

Contents: Organisation and Control in International Marketing Management, International Pricing Strategy, Marketing Strategy Planning, Product Policy and Planning, International Advertising, Marketing Strategy Planning for International Markets, The Firm as a Business System, International Markets, Marketed in a Consumer-Oriented Society: Appraisal and Challenges.

Products service for a shorter time in the market, because they ar rapidly
outdated by products from rivals who are speeding up their operations, too. The
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International Marketing Management

Strategies, Concepts and Cases in Europe

This book takes as its perspective that the customer undoubtedly is positioned in the center of the firm’s overall management activities. True understanding of the customer requires efficient marketing research about the firm’s international business environment. As discussed in the first chapters of the book, the firm’s business success depends in part on its ethical standards; thus awareness of its environmental and social responsibility is required. The following chapters concentrate on various aspects of culturally biased customer behavior and how the firm ensures sensitivity when planning and selecting its marketing strategies. The most efficient techniques of international market segmentation, targeting, and strategic competitive positioning are introduced. Furthermore, concepts of consumer loyalty programs and their implementation in diversified international markets are presented. An important part is dedicated to describing suitable mixes of marketing policies for firms operating in culturally heterogeneous international markets. Finally, forecasting changes in consumer behavior as a tool of planning international marketing activities is taken into consideration. Marketing control mechanisms that seek to increase efficiency of selected marketing activities further contribute to the valuable insights of this publication.

market surroundings. The higher the market demand, relative to the supply
capacities, the more attractive the market and industry (micro) environment of the
firm. Nevertheless, attention should be paid to running industry overcapacities,
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