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International Business Case Studies For the Multicultural Marketplace

This comprehensive guide presents specific, real-life examples of the strategies and tactics used by some of the world's most successful international businesses and organizations to excel in the global marketplace. Divided into six major sections, this important book features more than 30 case studies that span critical issues of international business--globalization; negotiation; marketing; product/service quality; joint ventures and strategic alliances; and culturally diverse workforces. Each case study focuses on a particular company, region, or management style to clearly illustrate proven techniques for capitalizing on the cultural diversity of people, products, and markets. With contributions from more than two dozen business executives and professors, spanning the globe from Japan, to Germany, China to Mexico, this casebook provides a broad spectrum of current and future approaches to acheiving international and cross-cultural business success.

This comprehensive guide presents specific, real-life examples of the strategies and tactics used by some of the world's most successful international businesses and organizations to excel in the global marketplace.

New Challenges for International Business Research

Back to the Future

In this final collection of his essays, John Dunning looks back on more than 40 years of research in International Business (IB), whilst at the same time considering possibilities for the future

Conducting Market Research for International Business

This practical guide leads you through all the issues you will face in developing new marketing opportunities in foreign markets. From initiating a project, to sampling and analyzing data, to taking advantage of your knowledge by approaching the market; this book is your guide to understanding and overcoming the most pressing issues that international marketers face.

with obtaining primary data—original data that the researcher gathers via a
customized research effort, with the aim of addressing the specific problem at
hand. Both types of data serve the researcher well and typically provide
complementary insights. Initially, researchers collect secondary data because it
can be obtained cheaply and quickly. Sources for secondary data include
government agencies, industry trade associations, company-provided
information, annual reports, press ...

International Business Research

Strategies and Resources

In the 21st century, most businesses participate in globalization, whether by entering new markets worldwide or dealing with competitors from around the world. In addition, the Internet and the accelerated evolution of related tools such as social media provide businesses, as well as individuals, the means to participate globally at an increasing pace. In order to identify profitable business opportunities and to recognize potential obstacles, one must have a complete picture of the global business environment. The Web and other Internet tools also give both new and traditional producers of information additional ways to deliver content to the end user, including interactive, web-based databases, digital files, or twitter updates—to name a few. Taking these trends into consideration, International Business Research: Strategies and Resources provides the basic tools that are useful for doing international business research. Following an introduction that outlines the foundation for international business activity— money, the international monetary system, and financial markets—subsequent chapters address: essential information such as sources, organizations, and websites that list resources for specific regions and countries; how to find international company information and financial data; the major classification schemes used to find relevant industry data, including import/export statistics; and international market and industry research. Each chapter of International Business Research includes research recommendations based upon the authors’ practical experiences and discusses the sources available to meet research needs, making this a valuable tool for anyone involved in the business world, particularly business school librarians, business students, and business professionals.

Research. Anyone who wants to enter a certain market, whether domestic or
international, needs to conduct an industry analysis for the country of interest.
The Dictionary of Business defines industry as “a group of companies making the
same type of product or offering the same type of service”1 (2006). The Collins
Dictionary of Economics defines it as “a group of related economic activities
classified according to the type of good or service supplied”2 (2006). The industry
analysis will ...

New Perspectives in International Business Research

Business and management scholars, senior executives and policy-makers.

Maryann P. Feldman, Grazia D. Santangelo. The present study seeks to address
these research gaps and to contribute to the literature in several ways. First, this
study provides a first attempt in developing and testing a model in which high-
quality work relationships between exporter and importer play an important role
in explaining variation in relationship commitment (i.e., the degree to which each
party is committed to the business relationship). Second, we contribute to
international ...

International Business: Strategic management of multinationals

This comprehensive four volume set includes all major contributions to the field of international business. It also includes key writings in the areas of international political economy and on regional and national issues.

Alan M. Rugman and Alain Verbeke Source: Strategic Management Journal 22(3
) (2001 ): 237-250. This paper discusses the internal patterns of competence
building in the multinational enterprise (MNE), with a focus on the creation of
capabilities in its foreign subsidiaries. We present a new framework to synthesize
10 types of MNE-subsidiary linkages leading to capability development. We find
that ...

International Business Information on the Web

Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business Research

The sites selected for this Web research guide are specific to the needs of business researchers, providing annotated listings of global business information sources. Researchers will find resources such as finding financial information on a foreign company, identifying overseas buyers and suppliers, and finding a market research study or an industry analysis from another country.

Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites and Strategies for Global Business
Research Sheri R. Lanza Barbara Gilder Quint ... Why is conducting international
business research any different from what you already do for domestic (U.S.)
business ...

A Short Course in International Business Plans 3rd Ed., eBook

A good business plan is both a statement of where you're going and how you will get there. This book provides a step-by-step process for developing and writing a dynamic business plan that will serve you, your business, and your financial backers.

THIS SAMPLE BUSINESS PLAN relates to a developer and manufacturer of
digital encoding, decoding and multiplexing products (i.e., a technology-based
products company). Although the company is relatively young, the innovative
power of ...

International Business

A Course on the Essentials

The new and updated edition of this widely-used text is equally useful for undergraduate and graduate students of international business. Its student-friendly format, detailed coverage of classic and timely topics, and extensive use of case studies make it widely adaptable for different level courses, as well as for educators who prefer either a case study or lecture approach. Online instructor materials are available to adopters.

Professor Ajami previously held the position of professor of international
business (with tenure) and director of the International Business Program at the
Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. Prior to joining Raj Soin
College of ...