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Handbook of Research in International Marketing

'This edited volume is a welcome addition to international marketing literature ... The volume as a whole presents an excellent review of the international marketing field and provides some future directions. The contributors, all esteemed and well-known scholars in the field, have tackled their respective specialization areas in depth and substance. Moreover, the volume is quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of international marketing areas. I am sure it will be highly useful for researchers and practitioners in international marketing. This is one of the few such edited volumes that address not only researchers but also practitioners. It is, due to its approach and style, very accessible. In conclusion, it is a most comprehensive volume on contemporary research on international marketing and is rightly titled as "handbook." For researchers, particularly Ph.D. candidates, it should serve as the first reading to bring them up to date about the state of the knowledge in their respective field. This will also help them formulate their own research questions and methodologies. For managers, it presents a wealth of knowledge that can help them formulate their international marketing strategies.' - Pervez Ghauri, Journal of International Business Studies Presenting the challenges and opportunities ahead, the contributors to this volume critically examine the current status and future direction of research in international marketing. The result of a sustained and lively dialogue among contributors from a variety of cultures, this volume gathers their perspectives and many insights on the revitalization of the field. The authors address the way international marketing actually functions, as well as theoretical explorations of how it should function. Some of the papers break through the bounds of traditional disciplines and methodologies to borrow whatever tools and concepts are needed for a particular inquiry. Others are less concerned with testing existing theory than with generating new insights. Still others provide results that are significant for managers. Many of the contributors are drawn to problems broad in scope and offer insights that are of considerable value for advancing the state of the art. Part I offers a review of the state of the art in international marketing and examines market orientation and withdrawal. Parts II through IV cover foreign market entry modes, strategy, and cross cultural issues. Parts V and VI discuss global electronic commerce as well as diffusion models, country equity, and global scorecards. A timely and innovative volume, Handbook of Research in International Marketing is a must read for anyone interested in marketing research or international business.

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