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Step by Step Cooking Chinese

Delightful Ideas for Everyday Meals

Step-by-Step Cooking: Chinese will guide novice cooks through the necessary techniques for preparing Chinese dishes and provide more experienced cooks with fresh ideas for Chinese cooking. This collection of recipes features a wide range of Chinese dishes that are easy to prepare with readily available ingredients. For all those who love Chinese cuisine, this is the book that demystifies Chinese cooking and makes it both simple and enjoyable. The book showcases recipes ranging from soups, seafood, meat & poultry, vegetables, rice & noodles to sweets.

New ed. – Singapore : Marshall Cavendish Cuisine, 2011. p. cm. – (Step-by-step
cooking series) Includes index. ISBN : 978 981 4435 14 7 1. Cooking, Chinese. I.
Series: Step-by-step cooking series (Marshall Cavendish Cuisine) TX724.5.