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International Journal of Business Anthropology, Volume 7 (1)

This issue of the International Journal of Business Anthropology contains seven articles related to the practice of business anthropology in various countries. The first article makes two arguments about China’s Belt and Road Initiative (also known as “One Belt, One Road”) based on two case studies in Tashkurgan in Xinjiang province and Houqiao in Yunnan province of China. The second discusses factors that led to the popularity of a Japanese adult video (AV) actress in China since 2010. The third paper examines variances in the representational framing of gender-roles in advertisements across cultures by employing traditional Hofstedian dimensions in conjunction with recent paradigms of horizontal-vertical cultural orientations. The fourth explores the significance of anthropology in management education by analyzing business education in India, which is undergoing a profound paradigm shift to respond to the challenges arising out of the rapidly changing business environmental factors. The fifth article investigates socio-cultural, environmental, religious, gender, educational, and health-care factors affecting women’s smoking in Yunnan, China. The sixth paper discusses two problems (the lack of knowledge and the weakness in control and monitoring system) that hamper the majority of Islamic microfinance cooperative institutions in Indonesia, and suggests solutions. The last article probes the mechanism of reform and development of the Chaoshan Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen City (CCCSC). The innovation of the CCCSC in its operation is concerned with three important aspects of the reform, including strategic basis, financial strategy and organizational structure. The reform practice of the CCCSC provides new information for academic research on the governance of chambers of commerce in China.

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