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The Islamic Debt Market for Sukuk Securities

The Theory and Practice of Profit Sharing Investment

The relatively new sukuk (or Islamic debt securities) markets have grown to more than US $800 billion over the past decade, and continue to grow at a rate of around 20-30 per cent per year. Arguably the first of its kind, this path-breaking book provides a highly unique reference tool relating to key issues surrounding sukuk markets, which are found in 12 major financial centres, including Kuala Lumpur, London and Zurich. The internationally renowned contributors present an in-depth study of sukuk securities, beginning with a comprehensive definition and history. They go on to discuss Islamic financial concepts and practices that govern how sukuk securities are issued, how markets are carefully regulated to protect investors, and how securities are designed to safeguard invested money. The prospects and challenges of developing sukuk Islamic debt markets across the world are also illustrated. This comprehensive guide to sukuk markets will prove a fascinating and useful reference tool for academics, students, researchers and practitioners with an interest in Islamic finance, and, more specifically, in the nascent field of sukuk securities.

marketing. and. listing. of. sukuk. securities. Mohamed. Ariff. and. Shamsher.
Mohamad1. 12.1. INTRODUCTION. The first Malaysian sukuk as a new Islamic
financial debt security was issued as a private sector issue by Shell Company (M)
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