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Ethical Issues in International Biomedical Research

A Casebook

Ethical Issues in International Biomedical Research is the definitive book on the ethics of research involving human subjects in developing countries. Using 21 actual case studies, it covers the most controversial topics, including the ethics of placebo research in Africa, what benefits should be provided to the community after completion of a research trial, how to address conflicts between IRBs in developed and developing countries, and undue inducement of poor people in developing countries. Each case is accompanied by two expert commentaries, written by many of the worlds leading experts in bioethics as well as new voices with research experience in developing countries. No other volume has this scope. Students in bioethics, public and international health, and ethics will find this book particularly useful.

Concerning the context of practice, on the one hand, the case clearly illustrates a
system in which the province's Member of the Executive Committee for the
Department of Health, a political appointee, appeared to polarize and fragment,
and ultimately weaken the institutional ethics system, leaving no ethical
infrastructure to accommodate the development and activity of the REC.
Moreover, this was inadvertently supported by the reluctance of a National
Research Ethics Committee to ...