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Potensi sumber-sumber alam kehutanan dan perkembangannya di Sulawesi Tengah

suatu rangkaian monografi sumber daya alam kehutanan regional dalam penelitian studi sumber daya alam Indonesia

Forest resources in Central Sulawesi Province.

Forest resources in Central Sulawesi Province.

International Journal of Economics and Business Studies

Vol.3, No.2

The result from this study is consistent with the findings of Campbell (2001) who
study on emerging equity markets and economic development for education as
one of the factor that drive growth. In addition, Brock and German (2003), ...

Studies in the Gothic Vocabulary

Cf. -tewjan. and-rinnan 'to fight, quarrel, dispute,' 8va\{Yeoffat, disputare (Mc 9, 34
) = concurrere, concursare, originally military terms and therefore the more likely
to have been familiar to the Goths. and-saihan “to look back, take into account, ...