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Pengembangan sistem inovasi daerah

perspektif kebijakan

5. Kembangkan keagresifan pasar internasional (“ekspor”) dan daya tarik
investasi asing (foreign direct investment/FDI). 6. Fokus pada kualitas, kecepatan
dan transparansi dalam pemerintahan dan administrasi. 7. Pelihara hubungan
antara tingkatan upah, produktivitas dan perpajakan. 8. Pertahankan kondisi/
struktur sosial dengan mengurangi kesenjangan upah dan memperkuat kelas
menengah. 9. Investasi secara sungguh-sungguh dalam edukasi/pendidikan,
khususnya pada ...

Perjanjian lisensi pengalihan hak cipta program komputer transaksi elektronik

Legal aspects of license agreement on transfer of computer programs for electronic transactions copyright in Indonesia.

Legal aspects of license agreement on transfer of computer programs for electronic transactions copyright in Indonesia.

P-Toluenesulfonate Oxygen Equilibration Associated with Ion-pair Return

and 2.8 g. (0.036 mole) * Thin layer chromatography (tlc) was used in conjunction
with g.c. to determine purity. It was found that tlc could readily detect \% of a
contaminant if the Rf values are sufficiently different. The latter is usually the case
for ...

The Accent

Exploring the Path to a Rejuvenating Life

Life is beautiful and yet immensely hard. As individuals and communities, we admire our own accomplishments and surge on with indomitable spirits. But we also experience enormous difficulties in our personal and communal living. We long for happy and fulfilling lives, but more often than not, we fall far short of that ideal. Taken as a whole, our personal development and interpersonal relationships are often far from satisfactory. This study and guide considers how we function as human beings and suggests ways to overcome our difficulties and live fuller and happier lives. Blending psychology and spirituality, with a particular focus on Jesus and his message, author Binu Edathumparambil explores the different contours and corners of our lives and presents some hard truths. Looking at our lifestyles from a new perspective, we can overcome our individual differences—the “accents” that shape us—and develop healthier and more vibrant lives. Offering a road map to the fulfillment of ideals and dreams, The Accent presents reflections and guidance on some of the most important dynamics in our journey of life.

The Vedic Age in India began in around 1500 BCE with the arrival of Aryans, a
people from Central Asia who spoke an IndoEuropean language. They
conquered or settled alongside the native Dravidians and other inhabitants in
India, and ...

Usul al-Fiqh

Methodology of Islamic Jurisprudence

This book deals with the sources of Islamic jurisprudence and their importance in deducing the religious rulings. It covers the concept of ijtihād (independent reasoning), its conditions and application and illustrates why it is a practice for experts rather than laymen. It also explains the differences in the levels of expertise of the mujtahids. In fact, there are seven distinct classifications of mujtahid. The book also covers the communication of God as Lawgiver with regard to the conduct of liable persons. It details the difference in probative value of communication based on the extent to which it binds an individual be it absolutely binding, a recommendation or mere permissibility. The reader will be able to understand the difference between fiqh (law) and Usūl al-Fiqh (methodology of law). Fiqh is the law itself whereas Usūl al-Fiqh is the methodology utilized to extract the law. The relationship between the two disciplines resembles that of the rules of grammar to a language, or of logic to philosophy. Usūl al-Fiqh in this sense provides the standard criteria for the correct deduction of the rulings of fiqh from the sources of Shari’ah (the Qur’an and Sunnah).

At this time the Prayer becomes obligatory on the liable people. They must
perform it within this time segment. The following verse was revealed by God to
inform them about this ruling: “Establish the Prayer in conformity with its
conditions, from the declining of the sun to the darkness of the night....”408 In this
verse, God assigned the declining of the sun as a sign or a cause (sabab) for the
obligation of Prayer. This is evidence for the law which falls under the category
aḫkām wad'iyya.