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Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems

Proceedings of the Third International Workshop

Workshop Proceedings introduce research results received in the areas of information integration, development of GIS and GIS-applications for a wide spectrum of information systems varying considerably in purpose and scale. The new class of GIS - intelligent GIS - is considered, including principles of their building and programming technologies. Special attention is drawn to ontologies development and their use in GIS and GIS-applications.

This exchange must be supported by a smart architecture of the underlying
network and its systems and by a specific language format used to formulate
military communications, i.e., orders, requests and especially reports. Such a
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Legal Evolution and Political Authority in Indonesia

Selected Essays

For nearly forty years, following the collapse of Indonesia's parliamentary system, Indonesia's once independent legal institutions were transformed into dedicated instruments of a powerful elite and allowed to sink into a deep mire of corruption and malfeasance. Legal process was devastated far beyond the capacity of any simple effort at reconstruction by post-Suharto governments. Indonesia's problems in this respect surpass those of other countries in the region compelled by economic crisis to re-examine institutional structures. The works reprinted in this collection constitute a case study over time of legal decay and the rise of reform interests in one of the most complex countries in the world. Written during a period of more than thirty years, beginning in the early 1960s, the essays trace several themes in the legal history of modern Indonesia. They make clear, however, that legal history is seldom that alone, but rather, like law itself, is largely derivative, fundamentally imbedded in the interest, ideas, purposes, and contentions of local political, social, and economic power.

In 1970 the government of Indonesia promulgated a new law on the principles of
judicial organization. The debates over this law gave rise to a significant and
enduring conflict between various forces over the Indonesian constitution - not
the ...