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Dinamika Hukum pembuktian Dalam Capaian Keadilan

  • ISBN 13 : 9786024252380
  • ISBN 10 : 9786024252380
  • Judul : Dinamika Hukum pembuktian Dalam Capaian Keadilan
  • Pengarang : Prof . Dr. Syaiful Bakhri, S.H. M.H,  
  • Kategori : [Bukti; Hukum]
  • Penerbit : Rajawali Pers
  • Klasifikasi : 347.06
  • Call Number : 347.06 PRO d
  • Bahasa : Indonesia
  • Edisi : Cet ke-1
  • Penaklikan : ix.; 23 cm
  • Tahun : 2018
  • Halaman : 307
  • Ketersediaan :
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar
    Tersedia di Perpustakaan Utama IAIN Batusangkar

International Marketing

Emerging Markets

This volume of Advances in International Marketing is focused on issues that have been largely ignored by the main stream literature in international marketing to emerging markets and by firms from emerging markets.

Features the papers that report a variety of studies examining: international marketing behaviour of firms from emerging markets; market environments and consumer behaviour in emerging markets; and, MNCs' international marketing in emerging ...

Classification and Modeling with Linguistic Information Granules

Advanced Approaches to Linguistic Data Mining

Whereas computer systems can easily handle even complicated and nonlinear mathematical models, human information processing is mainly based on linguistic knowledge. So the main advantage of using linguistic terms even with vague ranges is the intuitive interpretability of linguistic rules. Ishibuchi and his coauthors explain how classification and modeling can be handled in a human-understandable manner. They design a framework that can extract linguistic knowledge from numerical data by first identifying linguistic terms, then combining these terms into linguistic rules, and finally constructing a rule set from these linguistic rules. They combine their approach with state-of-the-art soft computing techniques such as multi-objective genetic algorithms, genetics-based machine learning, and fuzzified neural networks. Finally they demonstrate the usability of the combined techniques with various simulation results. In this largely self-contained volume, students specializing in soft computing will appreciate the detailed presentation, carefully discussed algorithms, and the many simulation experiments, while researchers will find a wealth of new design schemes, thorough analysis, and inspiring new research.

This is because human information processing is based mainly on linguistic knowledge while com puter systems are designed to handle symbolic and numerical information. A large part of our daily communication is based on words.

Tata Bahasa Melayu Betawi

Permainan lenong ini menghabiskan seluruh malam. Semua dialog dilakukan
secara improvisasi. Dewasa ini beberapa permainan dipertunjukkan di Pusat
Kesenian Jakarta dan di televisi. Permainan di sana diperpendek, dan pada ...

Himpunan kaidah hukum putusan perkara dalam buku Yurisprudensi Mahkamah Agung RI tahun 1969-2004

Digest of cases in Yurisprudensi Indonesia, 1969-2004.

Digest of cases in Yurisprudensi Indonesia, 1969-2004.

Tax Compliance and Tax Morale

A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

The book will be of considerable assistance to students and other researchers working in the area of compliance behaviour, or more generally, in the area of designing empirical studies. Margaret McKerchar, The British Accounting Review Torgler s book is a valuable contribution to the tax field, especially as it pioneers research into tax morale that is in its infancy and helps redress the US domination of the tax-compliance literature. It places econometric analysis where it rightly belongs as the supporting act, not the main feature! and takes a holistic approach in attempting to explain the complex area of human behaviour that tax compliance involves, whatever the country. Jeff Pope, Agenda Benno Torgler has written an exciting and important book. His careful and imaginative use of survey and experimental data explores important behavioral and institutional dimensions of tax policy and administration that have been too long neglected. The book provides a thorough exposition of what we now know about these issues as well as a rich menu of suggestions about how to do empirical research on the relation between citizens and states and how to build social capital through rethinking how states tax their citizens. Richard M. Bird, University of Toronto, Canada The question of why citizens pay their taxes has attracted increased attention in the tax compliance literature of late. In this book, Benno Torgler considers the evidence that suggests that enforcement efforts cannot fully explain the high degree of tax compliance within society. To attempt to resolve this puzzle, numerous researchers have argued that citizens attitudes towards paying taxes (defined as tax morale) help to explain the high degree of compliance. Yet most have treated tax morale itself as a black box, failing to discuss the issues influencing it. This unique volume provides important new insights into the factors that shape the emergence and maintenance of citizens willingness to cooperate with tax legislations in different societies. Distinctive in its examination of citizen tax morale and tax compliance, this book will be of great interest to academics, researchers and students concerned with economics, political science, sociology, social psychology and accounting. It will also appeal to policymakers and practitioners.

Tax amnesties are increasingly used by governments around the world. For
example, in November 2001, Italian finance minister Giulio Tremonti declared a
six-month tax amnesty, the 'scudo fiscale'. During the amnesty, some €56 billion
of ...

The Talking Image of Urur

I will consider the matter,” said Madame Corneille ; “ but you will have to submit to
some tests to try your obedience.” “ I shall do all you command me to,” urged Mr.
Green, “ because I want to become a real and accepted Chela as soon as I can.”
“ Very well,” she said ; “ bring me a stick.” Mr. Green went, and soon returned from
the woodshed with a stick of dry wood, and handed it to the housekeeper. “ And
now I shall throw this stick as far as I can,” said Madame Corneille, “ and you will

Pergumulan Islam dengan kebudayaan lokal di Tatar Sunda

On acculturation of Islamic teaching with Sundanese culture; collection of articles.

On acculturation of Islamic teaching with Sundanese culture; collection of articles.