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Anak Melayu di Indonesia

Nanti, nanti manakala mereka sudah tidak dapat menggunakan kamu, sudah
tidak bisa dipakainja lagi, baru kamu tahu dan sedar apa untungnja. Mungkin di
Beria-kan di Nagy-kan, dipetjat, dihukum oleh Dewan Rakjat kononnja,
dilontarkan ...

Handbook of Scientific Proposal Writing

Investigators, their home institutions, and funding agencies play significant roles in the development and outcomes of scientific projects. Submitting a proposal to a funding agency is only one dimension of a multivariable and complex funding process, and understanding this is a good first step toward unlocking the puzzle behind why some research proposals receive awards while others are declined. The Handbook of Scientific Proposal Writing offers researchers and research administrators a broad perspective on the process of initiating and conducting funded scientific research projects. Written for students and researchers in all fields and disciplines, this reference offers a holistic approach to conceiving and then converting new ideas into effective proposals. It focuses on the technical aspects of writing proposals rather than the fund-raising issues. Chapters provide full coverage of the scientific method, including information on how scientific research should be conducted. Providing the tools necessary to organize ideas and obtain the funds needed to effectively manage projects, the Handbook of Scientific Proposal Writing includes: 56 figures and 25 tables to help convey key ideas More than 150 citations that provide pointers to additional sources for further reading Examples to help the reader ease through more abstract concepts End-of-chapter questions to stimulate further examination and comprehension

... finding the idea of writing this book a worthwhile endeavor and keeping me on
track through all of its critical phases. Author A. Yavuz Oruç, Ph.D.,.received.a.B.,.

Paradigma kritis dalam studi kebijakan publik

perubahan dan inovasi kebijakan publik dan ruang partisipasi masyarakat dalam proses kebijakan publik

Concepts of bureaucracy and public management process in Indonesia.

perubahan dan inovasi kebijakan publik dan ruang partisipasi masyarakat dalam
proses kebijakan publik Fadillah Putra. sedikit kebijakan ... Kritik ini terutama
ditujukan bagi evaluasi kebijakan publik di negara-negara berkembang. Di mana

The Myth of Mondragon

Cooperatives, Politics, and Working Class Life in a Basque Town

Shows how the creation of an idealized image of the Mondragon cooperatives is part of a new global ideology that promotes cooperative labor-management relations in order to discredit labor unions and working-class organizations.

This is the first critical account of the internationally renowned Mondragon cooperatives of the Basque region of Spain.