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Learn MS SQL 7.0 Administration

Systems administrators often have two basic questions: "What do I need to do to keep the system running smoothly?" "What do I do if something goes wrong?" "Learn SQL Server 7.0 Administration" answers the first question in detail, with the expectation that this will prevent the second question from being asked. To achieve this goal, SQL Server consultant Jeffrey Garbus provides detailed information about designing and implementing a preventive maintenance regimen in order to ensure ongoing reliability, performance, and preparedness for disaster recovery. The book opens by introducing basic concepts, then quickly progresses to such advanced topics as configuring SQL Server for optimum performance, monitoring activity on the server, using the Database Consistency Checker, and backing up and restoring the database. Updating index statistics, using wizards to automate tasks, and replicating data are also covered. Garbus' book is for anyone who must learn to maintain a SQL Server. Jeffrey Garbus is an experienced SQL Server 7.0 consultant. He has spoken at user conferences, written many magazine articles, and has several SQL and database books to his credit. He is the CEO of Soaring Eagle Consulting, Ltd., based in Florida. Contributing authors: Alvin Chang is a consultant for Soaring Eagle Consulting, and Penny Garbus is president of Soaring Eagle Consulting.

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Strategic Issues in Information Technology

International Implications for Decision Makers

Strategic Issues in Information Technology: International Implications for Decision Makers presents the significant development of information technology in the output of components, computers, and communication equipment and systems. This book discusses the integration of information technology into factories and offices to increase productivity. Organized into six parts encompassing 12 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the advancement towards an automated interpretation communication system to achieve real international communication. This text then examines the main determining factors for development. Other chapters consider the issue of domestic interests versus international cooperation. This book discusses as well the rapid progress in information technology, which results in pervasive and basic change across the range of human activity in industry, trade, public service, government, work, and leisure. The final chapter deals with information technology's potential impact on industrialized economies and societies. This book is a valuable resource for engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and managers.

Information Technology and the Individual There are many aspects to
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A History of the Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria

This work analyzes the history of the application of Islamic law (Shari`ah) in Nigeria. It analyzes how Islamic law emerged in Nigeria toward the beginning of the 19th century and remained applicable until the arrival of the British Colonial regime in Northern Nigeria in 1903. It sheds light on how the law survived colonial rule and continues until today. Dr. Yushau Sodiq analyzes progressive elements in Islamic law over the past two centuries. He goes on to discuss many objections raised by the Nigerian Christians against the application of Islamic law, as well as how Muslims respond to such criticism. In a world that is often saturated with Islamophobia and ignorant misconceptions about Islam, this book aims to clarify and respond to many important concepts and ideas within Islamic religious tradition.

This work analyzes the history of the application of Islamic law (Shari`ah) in Nigeria.