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La Roumanie dans l'Europe : intégration ou transition prolongée ?

Quinze années de transition en Roumanie n'ont guère permis la naissance d'une économie solide, capable d'affronter la concurrence et d'adopter rapidement toutes les normes industrielles, agricoles ou commerciales européennes. Ce numéro rassemble sept articles, traitant de manière originale une question sensible de la Roumanie postcommuniste et tentant de mieux faire connaître certains aspects de ce pays.

Quinze années de transition en Roumanie n'ont guère permis la naissance d'une économie solide, capable d'affronter la concurrence et d'adopter rapidement toutes les normes industrielles, agricoles ou commerciales européennes.

Creative Teaching: History in the Primary Classroom

Designed specifically for teachers with little subject knowledge or experience in history, this book provides trainees with the confidence they need to teach primary history. Based on Curriculum 2000, the book provides valuable step-by-step guidance on how to create, plan, develop, organize and assess high-quality teaching activities in primary history. This book: is full of teaching approaches, practical ideas, teaching activities, real-life case studies and vignettes of good teaching practice; covers both conventional and modern approaches - such as drama, role-play, story telling, music and dance; and explains how each approach can be adapted to suit all primary ages and abilities. Children with a range of learning needs and styles respond with enthusiasm to a wide variety of teaching approaches - and this book provides trainee teachers with that repertoire and variety.

class. management. Planning and preparation By far the most important aspect of
preparation for using music in ... of the rich cultural heritage of any society, and
valuable for the Anglocentric history curriculum of the English primary school.

Digital Media

Human–Technology Connection

Digital Media: Human-Technology Connection examines what it is like to be alive in today’s technologically textured world and showcases specific digital media technologies that makes this kind of world possible. So much of human experience occurs through digital media that it is time to pause and consider the process and proliferation of digital consumption and humanity’s role in it through an interdisciplinary array of sources from philosophy, media studies, film studies, media ecology and philosophy of technology. When placed in the interpretive lens of artifact, instrument, and tool, digital media can be studied in a uniquely different way, as a kind of technology that pushes the boundaries on production, distribution and communication and alters the way humans and technology connect with each other and the world. The book is divided into two sections to provide overarching definitions and case study specifics. Section one, Raw Materials, examines pertinent concepts like digital media, philosophy of technology, phenomenology and postphenomenology by author Stacey O Irwin. In Section Two, Feeling the Weave, Irwin uses conversations with digital media users and other written materials along with the postphenomenological framework to explore nine empirical cases that focus on deep analysis of screens, sound, photo manipulation, data-mining, aggregate news and self-tracking. Postphenomenological concepts like multistability, variational theory, microperception, macroperception, embodiment, technological mediation, and culture figure prominently in the investigation. The aim of the book is to recognize that digital media technologies and the content it creates and proliferates are not neutral. They texture the world in multiple and varied ways that transform human abilities, augment experience and pattern the world in significant and comprehensive ways.

Some untangle by unplugging while others use stronger phrases like digital
detox or disconnecting to reconnect. The technological texture is so regularly
patterned within the human–technology connection as a given instead of a
choice, that it ...

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perspektif perempuan dan pluralisme

Interreligious marriage in Indonesia from legal and religious perspectives; collection of articles.

Circumcision as a Malleable Symbol

Through a detailed evaluation of treatments of circumcision in the primary authors of the second century BCE to the first century CE, Nina E. Livesey demonstrates that there is no common or universally recognized meaning for the Jewish rite of circumcision. The meaning of circumcision is contingent upon its literary context. The strength of this volume is in its detailed textual analysis of circumcision, attending to the nuances within each text's treatment of circumcision. At the same time, it provides ample evidence of each author's unrestricted use of the rite of circumcision. Ancient authors employed the term freely and in a number of literary senses, as a literal rite, in a metaphoric sense, and as a metonym to confer meanings on this rite. A final chapter provides a brief history of the interpretation of circumcision within the Christian tradition shedding light on its understanding from the second century to the present era.

... Hecht, "Exegetical Contexts," 64-65, Cohen, Why Aren't Jewish Women
Circumcised?, 63. See also Suzanne Daniel who claims, «L'hommage a la
sagesse de 1 'antique Egypte est un lieu commun, introduit ici pour les besoins
de la cause.