A Complete Course in ISC Accounting

Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Accounting

The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Accounting provides clear, concise, and highly informative definitions and explanations of the key concepts in accounting. Bringing together specially commissi

Accounting Theory, 3E

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Institutional Aspects of Managerial Economics and Accounting in Forestry

15-18 Aprile 1998, Roma-Ostia, Italy

Fundamentals of Accounting

Accounting for Improvement

Accounting for Improvement offers concrete and constructive demonstrations of the possibilities of designing participative forms of organization. Field experiment cases illustrate how the operational

Better Accounting for the Taxpayer's Money

The Government's Proposals: Resource Accounting and Budgeting in Government

White Paper

Frank Wood's A-Level Accounting

This edition of Frank WoodÕs A-level Accounting has been restructured to match closely the AQA A-level syllabus, now covered in the first fifteen chapters. In particular coverage of partnership accoun

Accounting Conservatism and the Asymmetry in the Earnings Response to Current and Lagged Returns

Accounting in Emerging Economies

Accounting research in emerging economies has grown over the last two decades. This is partly due to the increasing realisation that accounting has a central role to play in the development of these e

Corporate Accounting

Accounting for Management Control

An Introduction