Putting the Young in Business Policy Challenges for Youth Entrepreneurship

Policy Challenges for Youth Entrepreneurship

This book sets out a potential response to two major challenges facing OECD countries: the "youth problem", or the need to ensure that young people can play a full role in society, and the need to fos

Entrepreneurship, Networks, and Modern Business

French Business Dictionary

The Business Terms of France and Canada

This is the next generation of business dictionaries. Including modern banking, accounting, insurance, real estate, import-export, taxes, business law and computer terms, this is an essential resource

Japanese Business in Canada

The Elusive Alliance

En Activo: Practical Business Spanish

En Activo is a contemporary course which provides students with a structured development of written and spoken business language skills, focusing on real business people and situations from all over t

Young Business Leaders

Between Utility and Utopia

In a world of sweeping economic, political and social changes, what happens to our values, norms and identities? In particular, what happens to the identities of those actors who are exposed to the fo

Latin American Business

Equity Distortion in Regional Resource Allocation in Brazil

Examine the costs and benefits of fiscal “wars” between Brazilian states Latin American Business examines Brazil’s use of fiscal incentives to attract investors to help remedy disparities in the count

Business School Confidential

A Complete Guide to the Business School Experience: By Students, for Students

Featuring an in-depth interview with the Director of Admissions at Tuck School of Business, ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal. Written for students about to embark on this two-year odyssey, by stud

Manual of Business French

Manual of Business French is the most comprehensive, single-volume reference handbook for students and professionals using French. Designed for all users, no matter what level of language skill, this

NAFTA, Law and Business Review of the Americas

Business law guide to Switzerland

Language use in business and commerce in Europe

contributions to the annual conference 2008 of EFNIL in Lisbon

The linguistic domains of business and commerce are especially affected by the economic and communicative globalization. Since language use in these domains has an impact on the use of a language in o