Leoncio's Adventures

Come alone children, for the ride of your lives on an adventurous journeys with Leoncio. These short stories are recaps of a day in the life of Leoncio, my grandson who is six years old. So let’s sit

Basotho Women's Options

A Study of Marital Careers in Rural Lesotho

Central Heating with Wood and Coal

Some of My Best Friends

Essays in Gay History and Biography

The Healing Garden

Gardening for the Mind, Body and Soul

Grandparents, Grandchildren and the Generation in Between

Becoming a grandparent is something that most people look forward to. There is the joy of the birth and anticipation of the fun the grandparents will have with the new grandchild, without the responsi

The Aging Process

A Health Perspective

The beggar's opera

War of 1812

A series of quotations from primary sources offers insight into the causes, battles, and outcomes of the War of 1812

Persian Gulf War

Describes the circumstances leading up to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the political and military events of the Persian Gulf War, using quotes from people directly involved.

Mirror Journals

A daughter battling cancer and the father who loves her kept journals during the daughter's health crisis-their thoughts, fears, faith, and hope are knit together in this touching, inspirational book.

Supplement to Smith family ties

descendants of Fredrick George Schmidt (Smith) and Caroline Matilda Beadle