Jurnal kependidikan

E-balanced Scorecard System for Performance Planning and Management of Lecturers in Higher Education Institutions

The Impact of the Quality Learning Circle on Facilitating the Implementation and Sustainability of Cooperative Learning

A Thesis Submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington in Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education

Jurnal kependidikan

Konsep bidaah menurut hadith-hadith al-Kutub al-Tis`ah

kajian persepsi dalam kalangan ahli akademik di IPTA di Malaysia

Examining the Correlation of Test Anxiety, Test-wiseness, Student Motivation, and Metacognition of Praxis I Scores at an Historically Black University

Jurnal kependidikan

Tinjauan yuridis hak serta kewajiban pendidik menurut UU Guru dan Dosen

Rights and responsibilities of teachers and college teachers according to Indonesian law.

Pendahuluan didaktik metodik umum

Ways of Working with Teachers

Principled Recipes for the Core Tasks of Teacher Training, Teacher Education and Mentoring

Total Quality Culture In Teacher Training Colleges

Contents: The Problem, Theoretical Background, Review of the Related Literature, Research Procedure, Data Analyses and Results, Retrospects and Prospects.

Rencana penelitian dan penilaian kurikulum lembaga-lembaga pendidikan guru